Classic Bar Anxiety Test

"There are many people who drink alone in public bars, but it's only the special few who have a true social anxiety Potential Percentage reading. Discover your Classic social Bar capability rating."

"Do you have the ability to handle yourself well, or at best, expertly in Public Bars? What is your Social anxiety potential percentage reading? Take the Classic Bar Anxiety quiz and find out..."

Created by: evilC
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  1. Does the thought of performing or speaking in public bring on racing heart rate or pounding of the heart?
  2. Do you flirt with strangers when seated in public Bars?
  3. Are you noticeably bothered by having to perform such tasks as eating or drinking in front of other people?
  4. Does the thought of speaking to an approximate person seated at a bar bring on stress responses such as hand trembling, speedy foot tapping, etc?
  5. Are you comfortable visiting bars alone?
  6. Do you readily abuse alcohol or cocaine?
  7. Have you dated a bartender of either gender?
  8. Has the fear of social interaction ever affected your normal routine on occupational settings?
  9. How long on average to you spend on grooming and personal hygiene before visiting a public bar (or nightclub)?
  10. If you have a local Bar that you attend regularly, (bi-weekly) are you on first name terms with the Bartender?
  11. Can you name, or describe, at least three knick-knacks (or signs) on or above the Bar shelving, if you have attended that said institution for over a period of two hours?
  12. Do you constantly feel you are being judged, or sized up, when in public?

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