Are you an inrovert? (Accurate Results)

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Many people associate introversion with shyness, which is untrue. In fact, introverted people tend to simply find that they get more energy from being alone or in very small groups, as opposed to extroverts who find that large groups give them more energy. Because of this misconception about shyness, many people assume that they aren't introverts when they actually are.

C'mon take the quiz.. here are the 10 signs of having introversion :) One more thing I would like to say is that don't take the quiz results seriously.. afterall its just a quiz :) Go for it ^_^ Quiz credit: [no urls]

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  1. You find crowds stressful. Concerts, rallies, conferences, sports arenas: these can all be very uncomfortable places for an introvert.
  2. You aren't thrilled to meet new people.Simply keeping up a conversation with a new person is difficult, and you leave the conversation feeling drained.
  3. You're great at speeches, but not great afterwards.It just means that you might be better at public speaking than the schmoozing that comes afterwards.
  4. You're friends with extroverts.Opposites attract, right? Many introverts are friends with extroverts because this provides balance for both types of people.
  5. You don't like interviews (in the beginning).Job interviews aren't exactly an introvert's favorite thing. However, introverts can be great at them!
  6. You're a loyal friend. Introverts tend to be very loyal and honest people. Because introverts' energy comes from themselves, and not from others, it's easy to be honest and up front with your friends.
  7. You like doing nothing sometimes. Extroverts are always going from one thing to another, but introverts see the value in a quiet night in every once in a while. Just doing nothing is a way for you to relax and re-energize.
  8. You wait to text back. You aren't glued to your phone all the time. When you do see that you have a text from a friend, you wait until you're ready to read it and respond.
  9. You don't trust easily.For introverts, it can be difficult finding friends who respect your introverted nature.
  10. You write. Many introverts are writers of some kind. They often pursue careers in writing, or prefer to spend their free time writing for fun.

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