Do you love him?

Many people out there think they love someone, but the truth is, few actually ARE in love.

Are you in love? This quiz will help you find out if you really do love your crush, or if it is just another crush.

Created by: Bree
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  1. Are you friends with him?
  2. How do you feel when he looks you in the eyes?
  3. How often do you see him?
  4. Do you ever avoid eye contact?
  5. Do you dream/day dream about him?
  6. Doyou get jealous when he talks to other girls?
  7. Would you risk your life for him?
  8. What do you like more about him?
  9. If he got in an accident that left him paralyzed, would you still like him?
  10. Would you give up everything for him?

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Quiz topic: Do I love him?