Guys Fall in Love too!

*BOYS!* With all the quizzes going around about girls getting kidnapped by three hot guys and falling in love with them, you're feeling pretty left out... You feel like you want to stand up and shout: "Hey! Guys fall in love, too!" You'd wonder what it'd be like to be kidnapped by four cute girls, right... well, find out NOW!

Your life is about to change! You're about to go on an amazing adventure that will give you the greatest thrill of your life, the greatest scare of your life, and the greatest love of your life! Get ready to step into the adventure of: Guys Fall in Love too!

Created by: J_Tiger2
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  1. You are in your room on the computer. What are you doing?
  2. You hear something outside your window... Is that... whispers...?
  3. You get up to investigate... what do you grab?
  4. You finally decide on bringing the tape recorder... those really sound like girl voices outside your window... as you get closer, you switch the tape recorder on. The conversation you start recording goes something like this: "...Hurry it up! We haven't got all day!" the voice is hyper and high. "Give her a munite, this can't be easy," says a soft, shy-sounding voice. "Will you two shut up! He's going to hear us!" that voice is anger, but still somehow beautiful in an odd way. "Here, do you need this?" says a too-eger-to-please sounding voice. Just then, you hear the lock click, and the window open slighting. You're thinking...
  5. "Okay, sprayit," says the sexy-yet-angry voice. "Are you sure?" askes the shy one. "Com'on, com'on, com'on!" ergers the hyper one. "Maybe we shouldn't-" starts the last voice before the first one cuts her out, "-FINE! I'll do it myself!" "NO!" all three other voices shout. But it's too late! A purple mist starts coming through your window... You're thinking
  6. You collapse on the floor and right before you loose constiousness, four beautiful girls climb into your room and look down at you. They are all beautiful... you recognize them from school. One is short, has long black hair, deep brown eyes, and glasses, that's Jane from your cemestry class! The other is a tall, gangly blond with lots of frekles and baby blue eyes. She's Lindsey from your social studies class. Another is Kate; she's wearing a bright, bright, bright pink shirt and bouncing up and down slightly, smiling a cute-girly smile. She's a strawberry blond, about your hight, and has light brown eyes. Lastly, a girl standing scowling at you in an all black outfit... Her hair is long, black, and up in a pony-tail. She's wearing a lot of make-up (though she really doesn't need it) and her eyes are green and the brighter then a cat's! This is Ashley, the mysterious hot girl from your gym class. (She's the only one there who can pull-off a gym uniform, and she's the only one who doesn't care!) They all stare at you and you're thinking...
  7. You wake up, and you can't see anything. You realize you've got a bag over your head and your hands are tied behind your back... Terific! You hear the girls argueing. "This was a bad idea..." mumbles Jane. "Shut up! You know we didn't have a choice!" yells Ashley. "Let's let him go," offers Kate. "No! No! No!" screeches Ashley. "Hey, look! He's awake!" says Lindsey. The other girls stop talking.You feel their gazes on you. You say:
  8. "What do you THINK is going on!?" says Ashley. "No. We can't untie you." says Kate. "But we can take the bag off his head!" says Jane as you suddenly are able to see again. "Honestly, why did we but that on him in the first place!?" wonders Lindsey outloud... You say.
  9. "Well... it's a long story why your here..." Kate starts to tell you before Ashley cups her hand over Kate's mouth and interjects, "Which we're NOT going to talk about!" She glares at Kate...
  10. "Anyway, it's too complicated to get into right now," Jane says before anyone can get hurt. "Or EVER!" says Ashley, letting go of Kate's mouth. Kate stares talking so fast that all the words run together, "Wekidnappedyouherebecauseyou'reinreallreallybigtroubleandwe'retheonlyonesthatcansaveyou!" All the other girls stare in shock, disbelief, and rage at Kate, who smiles at you like she's just won the grand prize at a carnival game... you...
  11. Sorry guys, I know your going to kill me but... CLIFFHANGER!Wait for part 2!
  12. Comment on if you liked this... I need to get some comments to know if it's worth making a part 2 or not.

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