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Hello and welcome to the eigth installment of my series Love!!!! If you havent read the other ones then please go back and do so, read the next paragraph for some important info.

I would like to thank aina msia and mcqueen for commenting on part 7, it made me feel kinda happy to know that people are still reading my series which once had 85 takers and now only has 15. Please tell your friends about this quiz and everyone benifits. When I have a lot of people taking my quiz, Im happy, and when Im happy I make longer quizzes out quicker!

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap: You made up with Jace and Luke. You went to see Luke to help him thru his power pain when suddenly your head starts hurting.
  2. Your head was hurting so badly. You started to feel dizzy and in a desperate struggle to stay on your feet held on to the nearest thing. In this case it was Luke. You looked at his face and saw a mixture of pain and reassurance. "Sarah!" He screamed and you fell limp in his strong arms. You opened your eyes but you werent in the real world you were in a dream.
  3. You saw the guys covered in blood and bruises. A on some sort of throne. You with a bow and arrow in your hand standing on top of some mountain. Then the flashes stop and all u see is nothingness. Suddenly, someone taps u on the back and pulls u into a hug. It sisnt feel like it was any of the guys so u knew it must be A. You turn around and look at him with a questioning face, he puts his hand on your cheek and then dissappears.
  4. "Sarah! Sarah, are u okay?" Said a voice. You opened your eyes to see the guys staring at your face with concerned looks. They let you sit up in the bed (Luke carried you to his bed,and no he didnt do anything pervy) and then pulled you into a group hug. " You should get a little bit of rest. You seem very weak." Said Mike. You try to object but Luke holds you back " You helped me when I was in pain and now its my turn." He says. Jace stands up and motions for K and Mike to follow and exit the room. They relluctantly comply and you can see K mouthing " Be Careful." They all leave except for Luke who sits at the edge of your bed gazing at you.
  5. He looks like he is trying to hold himself back from something. " Are you okay?" You ask him. " Yeah." He says. You give him a kiss on the cheek, whisper thanks in his ear and fall back on the bed. You feel slight pain, but try your best not to show it.Luke notices anyway and gets off the bed,sits on his knees, lays his head down very close to yours,and grabs your hand in his. " Goodnight." He whispers and you drift off into a dreamless sleep.
  6. You wake up and gaze at the clock, you look at Luke and see him shivering so you use what strength you have left to lift him onto the bed and put him under the covers. He is still shivering so u hold him close ( and dont you dare take this the wrong way). You wake up to birds chirping and the sun shining brightly. You look beside you and see Luke still infront of you and in your embrace. Before you know it he starts kissing you lightly on the lips, barely touching them. You reply back with a few of your own and then break away and say " Fair chance to everyone. Remember what happened the last time someone saw us kissing, someone got hurt." " Sarah, last time didnt feel nearly as good as this time. Imagine waking up in the embrace of the one you love. I dont know about you,but as for me I wouldnt care if the whole world saw us together because I Love You and thats all that matters. Yeah I said it and ill prove it and say it until your convinced... I LOVE YOU." Luke says as you both stand up and get out of bed.
  7. He gets up and walks calmly out of the room leaving you in a shocked and confused state.You feel the urge to follow him but ignore it and go take a shower. You always felt that you could think clearly when you felt hot water pouring down on your head. You thoght about each of the guys and how they make you feel when your with them... K: Safe, Jace: Happy, Mike: Comforted, Luke: Adventurous, and A: mysterious. They all made you feel good inside,but you knew you couldnt have them all. Little did you know that whats next is much harder then deciding on a guy.
  8. You got out of the shower and completed the rest of your morning routine, you dried your hair and slipped on a short blue forever 21 skirt and a Aeropostale top. You looked in the mirror and felt proud. You had flawless skin,long eyelashes, and perfectly formed lips, your face was so awesome you didnt even put makeup,just some regular chapstick. You lwent to your balcony and gazed out at the beach below, there were only a few people there since it was pretty early in the morning. You could almost taste the seafood in your mouth, feel the sand under your toes, feel the salty,but fresh breeze.
  9. You go back inside and see Mike there with a questioning look on his face. " Care to explain why Luke shouted I Love You, ran out of the room pretty pissed off and you not coming down for breakfast." He said. You felt your blood boil its not like he was the only one who cared for you, and Mike had no right to ask so many questions! " Why do u care, Luke likes me so he confessed to me, I told him I want to give everyone a fair chance and didnt want to see anyone hurt so he left. I didnt come down to breakfast because I thought it was too early. Care to explain why your here yelling at me for being considerate." You yelled back at him. " Whatever." He said and roleed his eyes. You could feel your sight turning red with anger you shoved him hard against the wall and said " If your not going to be kind like u used to be then I dont want to see your face ever again. You hear me? Coming into my room and yelling for no reason just shows how much you care, not! What happened to you? You were a shoulder to cry on, a great well mannered person, why the sudden change?" You told Mike. You released your grip on him and tuned around you felt someone punch you,hard in the back. You heard Jace and K running into the room and eventually ki lling the monster that always was Mike. So now it was down to four guys, A, Luke, Jace, and K. What was in store for you next? Only time would tell.
  10. I made this one longer to make up for the time it took. I wanted to make this one quicker but felt relly discouraged by the amount of people who are taking this series. Please tell your friends to take my series or I fear I might just stop this series all together. Last time I only got two comments one from aina msia, and one from mcqueen. Thanks to those who have continued to take my series. So rmember please tell evryone you know, you wont regret it because if I have more people taking the quiz then I will feel bhappy and when I feel happy I write more and when I right more the installments of my series come out quicker.

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