Do you truly love him or just having a crush on him?

Do you truly love him or just having a crush? Well,some people think that they are in love with someone. But actually, they're just having a crush. So, take the quiz to find out!

This quiz, I made it according to my experience and some opinions that I got from people that I know. So, maybe it's not really correct. But try it!!!!!

Created by: YoyoYaya
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  1. why do you like him?
  2. how long have you known him?
  3. why do you know him?
  4. If you pick you study with him, so when he is absent would you try to find out why?
  5. If you know that he loves other girl,would you let him go?
  6. Have you ever try to talk to him first?
  7. Have you ever imagine your life with him?
  8. How often do you think about him?
  9. How well do you know him?
  10. Would you do anything for him?

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Quiz topic: Do I truly love him or just having a crush on him?