How much does your crush fancy you?

Love is strange, convoluted and diverse, and crushdom is the foundation for any relationship. However, boys are so hard to understand - it is hard to tell if your crush actually crushes you back . . .

These questions are those based from interviewing boys, girls and even some celebrities for their opinions on how they would express their crush on a girl. Is your crush showing any of these signs?

Created by: Issy
  1. This quiz is only for girls. Are you a girl?
  2. Have you ever caught him looking at you, from across the room?
  3. Does he ever stare at your lips, or your curves?
  4. Has he ever hugged you?
  5. Does he ask you questions in his text messages?
  6. Does he ever make eye-contact?
  7. Does he know you well?
  8. Does he talk to you about other girls (including celebrities)?
  9. Is he aware of your crush on him?
  10. Has he ever complimented your outfit?
  11. Has he ever complimented your features (eyes, lips, hair et cetera)?
  12. Would he ever pressure you into doing something?
  13. Does he make fun of you?

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Quiz topic: How much does my crush fancy you?