What's your perfect cruelty-free foundation?

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If you need help choosing a cruelty-free foundation then take this quiz to see which one we would suggest. Whether you have dry or oily skin, prefer a light or heavy coverage, there's a CF foundation for you!

We couldn't fit every single brilliant CF foundation on to this quiz so don't worry if none of them take your fancy, there will be one for you out there!

Created by: Annabelle Hawkes

  1. What type of coverage do you prefer?
  2. What type of finish do you prefer?
  3. What skin type do you have?
  4. What foundation type do you prefer?
  5. How much are you willing to spend on your foundation?
  6. Which is your favourite brand out of these?
  7. Do you specifically look for foundations that contain SPF?
  8. How often do you wear foundation?
  9. Do you prefer a long-lasting foundation?
  10. Do you usually wear powder on top of your foundation?

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Quiz topic: What's my perfect cruelty-free foundation?