What foundation should I wear?

SO many foundations, so little time! How do you make the best decision? Sure, you can buy out the cosmetic counter, but why not take this fun quiz instead!

DO you know what type of foundation to wear? Seems like an easy question but have you ever thought about why you prefer some products over others? These quiz will give you insight on your decisions.

Created by: Lauren

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You have ___ minutes to apply makeup in the AM.
  2. You usually workout at night.
  3. You love taking pictures and posting them on FB/Instagram/Twitter.
  4. You really enjoy applying makeup...
  5. My favorite celeb style is:
  6. I am careful to buy organic foods & chemical free products.
  7. You'd invest in the right brush for your foundation.
  8. Your desired look from foundation would be:
  9. You want one product that does it all! Covers, protects & sets/moisturizes.
  10. I need/want:

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