Xx Is it Love or just a crush? xX

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Xx Love, or just a crush, Lets find out!! Love is a true feeling inside of you, that makes you feel special, or r u just a crush? take this quiz and find out! xX

Xx Are you both made for eachother? well, thanks to this quiz, you can now find out!!!! Is it just a little cute friendship and a secret of love uinsdie you, or is it a HUGE RAMANCE? xX

Created by: Dani
  1. Xx Do Your ACASIONALY See Him/her? xX
  2. Xx Do You Ever Talk to him/her? xX
  3. Xx What do you have in common? xX
  4. Xx What do you both normally chat about? xX
  5. Xx Do You have eachother on facebook/msn/chat rooms? xX
  6. Xx Do You Ever cry over him/her wishing they wer yours?? xX
  7. Xx Do You Have something of theirs? xX (not affecting results)
  8. Xx What is the top thing you think about during your day? xX
  9. Xx If You had a one chance to go on a date with that special someone, what would you do for your date? xX
  10. (lastly) Xx What is the nicest thing that he/she has ever done for/to/said To You? xX

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