Does he like you?

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A crush is a special and over overwhelming feeling towards another person. A crush, however, prepares you for the world of real life-love. That person maybe out there for you.

Does he like YOU? Are you want he is looking for? Is he your secret admirer? Well is he? After you finish this brilliant quiz in a few minutes, you will find out!

Created by: amy
  1. If he walks past you, does he say hello?
  2. He has asked you to be in a group at school with him at least once.
  3. Does he start a conversation with you in class a lot?
  4. Does he look into your eyes when you talk to each other?
  5. Do you catch him looking at you in class?
  6. When he's with his friends, does he still smile and say hello?
  7. How often does he give hints?
  8. When his friends walk past you, they...
  9. Has he asked you out on a date before?
  10. As he ever told you anything he hasn't told anyone before?

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