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  • Okay, so I have an extremely gorgeous house, the 1D boys just show up to my door, and not only that, but they're fighting over me?! Wow... this just seems way too good to be true. Can't say I won't read the next part though, cuz you have my attention.

    P.S. Yay! Date with Louis! Zayn is my fave, but Louis is second. :P

  • Damn. I must be freakin sexy in this story.

    Love it already, its one of the better One Direction love stories on this site.

    Can't wait to make out with Niall ;)

  • awww why can't it be Niall... Louis is my 2nd least favorite

  • Toy story! lol! I love this story!

  • Omg why can't this acctually happen in real life?

    Miss carrot

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