What Sonic Character Are You - Quiz

There Is Many Awesome People On This Planet But A Few Billionares Because They Are Awesome What Does Awesome Mean? Awesome Means Someone Who Had Alot Of Popularity And Many Things that Make Them Awesome!

Are You Beautiful? Do You Have Popularity? Are You a Model?Are You The Most Lovely Beautiful Creature On This Huge Big Wonderful Univerce Are You Miss America?

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  2. What Do You Like To Do All Day?
  3. What Is Your Sonic Dream Boy
  4. What Is Your Dream Woman
  5. Which Boy Is Better?
  6. Which Sonic Girl Is Better?
  7. Who Is The Ibilous Trigger
  8. Which Boy Is The Uglyest
  9. Which Girl Is The Uglyest
  10. Which Sonic Girl Is Prettyest
  11. Did You Like This Quiz?

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