~Immortal Love Part 3~

So, here's Part 3 of ~Immortal Love~! I hope you enjoy this part! It's been a great pleasure making this series so far! I'm glad some of you like it!

Credit to me (Br0wnies), and NeonHedgehog. I am also giving credit to NeonHedgehog because NeonHedgehog has helped me with this series. Thanks, NeonHedgehog!

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. The sun was coming up. Veronica quickly ran to her house, getting some splinters as she transformed. She saw her house but she was human before she reached her house. Veronica tumbled over a tree root, getting a nasty bruise later on her elbows and knees. She got up and ran the rest of the way to her house. She sat on her old swingset thinking about Yugure.
  2. Yugure reappeared in his dark, quiet home. He floated to his bedroom and got into his coffin. Yugure fell asleep.
  3. "Veronica! Come in here! You need to get some sleep!" Veronica's mother called from inside. "Okay mom!" Veronica called. Veronica's family still loved Veronica even if she was bitten by a werewolf. Veronica headed inside her home and went to sleep.
  4. At early dusk, Veronica headed to the forest and waited for her transformation. Yugure got out of his coffin and into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of blood and drank it. Yugure wiped his mouth and headed out.
  5. Veronica got bored and decided to go swinging. She remembered when she didn't have to give a care to the world, when she wasn't a werewolf or became a woman. Veronica sighed. She really wished to be a kid again. Veronica noticed the sun going down. She slid off of the swing and headed to the forest. Her hands became paws once again, and her mouth and nose became a snout.
  6. Like yesterday, Veronica howled for fun. She went back to the spot where her and Yugure last met. Veronica wanted to meet Yugure to see if she can get anything good out.
  7. "Watashi wa futatabi kanojo merudeshou kashira." Yugure whispers to himself. (Translation: I wonder if I'll see her again.) Yugure headed to the spot where Veronica and him were last. Yugure wanted to see her again. When he got there, he looked around for Veronica.
  8. Veronica noticed Yugure and padded towards him. Veronica barked. "Hello. Glad you back!" Yugure smiled, revealing his sharp fangs. Veronica stood in shock and would have gasped if she was in her human form. 'He's a vampire!' Veronica thought.

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