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  • @Br0wnies

    Well, can my character date Zayn in the story? If not, that's okay. I don't think I want my character to be named Allissa though, my character is ALWAYS named Allissa. I think I'll mix it up this time. So here's my character's discription:

    Name: Skye Hendrix

    Looks: Black "emo" style hair, piercing green eyes, medium height and weight, pale skin, infinity tattoo on her left wrist and usually wears a lot of black

    Personality: Witty, sarcastic, funny, some people don't like her because she's brutally honest. She is a good friend, but trusts no one and tends to curse a lot

  • @Fiery_Soul

    You can make a character if you want, but if you don't want to make a character you don't have to. I already know your name is Allissa :3. If you don't decide to make a character you'll just have to tell me your last name and what you look like. If you want to make a character, comment with their first and last name, their looks and their personality. Lastly, you're very welcome! I'm super excited to put you in my love story! :D

  • Yay! Yay! Yay! :D OMG, thank you! It was so nice of you to make this quiz, I'm flattered really. :)

    So... do I get to make a character or something? I think I've read your story before, but I can check to make sure. I love 1D, so I'm really happy about this. :)

  • Hope my character's description was good enough. I'm looking forward to see how she appears in the story. :)


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