How Much Japanese Do You Know? :3

Welcome to my Japanese quiz! In this quiz, you will find out if you a capable of know the whole language of Japanese! Don't worry anymore, because all the answers to your questions are on this quiz!

Now you can find out of you are capable of knowing the whole language of Japanese, and if you'd do well over a conversation with a Japanese person!

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. Kon'nichiwa! Wastashi no kuizu yokoso!
  2. Watashi no tanjobi wa su-shukan mae ni watasa reta.
  3. Anata wa dobutsu ga sukidesu ka?
  4. Kono kuizu wa okonawa hanbundesu.
  5. Anata wa petto o katte imasu ka?
  6. Anata wa, soda o nomimasu ka?
  7. Watashi wa ikatteiru!
  8. Yoji watashi wa okotte inai yo.
  9. *O Baribari*
  10. Syonara!

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Quiz topic: How Much Japanese do I Know? :3