Anime is from Japan and from the Anime you can learn a lot of japanese and some japanese culture too! You don't need to learn japanese to watch anime or read manga because it use to be a english verion of it too. If it's not, well try to type sub after the name of the anime and see a version with subtitels ^^

Do you love ANIME!!? And all the cute manga guys!? Then this quiz is for you! You will find out which Anime guy that fits you the best! Maybe you also discover a new fantastic anime too! Hope you enjoy the quiz and like your result! //Targetoo ^^

Created by: xDGirl
  1. What is your biggest fear?
  2. Which eye-colour do you like the most?
  3. Your favourite colour?
  4. What is your favourite food? :P
  5. Where would you go on a date?
  6. What kind of house do you want to live in the future?
  7. What is your favourite sport?
  8. Pick a word that fits with your personality
  9. Your height...
  10. Which movie do you like the most?
  11. If you where a animal, what would you be?
  12. How is your relationship-status?
  13. I just wondering...did you like my quiz?? ;)
  14. Would you like to do it again sometime?

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Quiz topic: My ANIME DATE!!