How Well Do You Know Anime?

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HELLO THERE HUMAN! Ah, sorry, autocorrect. HELLO THERE, MY FELLOW DISAPPOINTMENT! Do you read manga or watch anime? Well, how much do you ACTUALLY know..?

You could always just take this quiz to find out. In the end, you'll be given a score out of 100, so I wish you luck. I hope you enjoy the quiz!! - Loz.

Created by: Laura DC
  1. Who is END?
  2. When is Captain Levi's birthday?
  3. How tall is Edward Elric at the start of Fullmetal Alchemist?
  4. How old is Death The Kid in "Soul Eater NOT!"?
  5. What blood type is Naruto?
  6. Okay, now onto an easier question. What is Uchimaki's first name, from the anime "This Art Club Has A Problem"?
  7. What is Rin Matsuoka's sister's name?
  8. In what order did the members of the Light Music club (from K-On) join?
  9. How much did the vase from OHSHC cost?
  10. What is Hide's full name in Tokyo Ghoul?
  11. The name of Kyo and Tohru's son, from Fruits Basket, is...?
  12. What are your favourite numbers?
  13. In Black Butler, who is the b*tchy teen in booty shorts?
  14. What is "L"'s real name in Death Note?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Anime?