How Weeaboo are You?

Weeaboo n. a usu. derogatory term for one who idolizes, immerses, obsesses over, adores, worships, prefers, follows, or mimics Japanese culture, esp. to an excessive/obvious extent.

How much does this definition apply to you? Want to think of your interest in anime as a hobby without taking the whole label? Let's see how weeaboo you really are.

Created by: Dave
  1. How often do you watch anime / read manga?
  2. Japan is
  3. America is
  4. What is your opinion on the 2D culture?
  5. These anime are listed from most known to least known. Choose the farthest one down you are familiar with.
  6. Is anime art?
  7. Which of these observations about anime are you most aware of?
  8. Nihongo ga wakaru?
  9. Bob is in high school and reads manga daily. He does not participate in his high school anime club, but is an avid fan of middle-brow anime like Cowboy Bebop and FLCL. He does not discuss them with his friends.
  10. How much do you know about Japanese culture?
  11. Cosplaying, Fanfic writing, fan art drawing, deep conversation about anime. How many of these activities have you done?
  12. Figurines, posters, DVDs, graphic novels, cosplaying gear, J-pop CDs. How many of these things do you own?
  13. I'm about to show you how much of a weeaboo you are. What'll you think if it's a pretty high number?

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Quiz topic: How Weeaboo am I?