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  • I got 56%, but alot of these questions have a fallacious nature in them that really bothered.

    I'll get into that along with my reasoning of how I answered things.

    1 & 2 aren't important cause their personal questions of identity.

    3-I chose 'Often' because, although I watch alot of anime and binge-watch it during the summer, after that I'm busy with school work, preparing for college, and extracurricular activities.

    4. I chose 'A Country With a Rich and Interesting History' since I have reason to believe that it is true as Japan's mythology about its origin is interesting and how the nation has evolved over the years since its founding. In history class, I found out that during the time Europe was in Asia and colonizing places like the Orient (China and Southeast Asia) and India, Japan, in order to avoid colonization, adopted Western and eurocentric ideals. Also, a country in the Pacific is true.

    5. I chose America is 'A Country in the Western Hemisphere' since its true. This question is rather fallacious in its intent except with the last answer choice or 'sinking due to obesity' to an extent since the other choices have their reasonings. What I is that if I chose the other options, that could increase/decrease my weeaboo factor for an illegitimate reason in my opinion. 'A country with an equally rich and diverse history' wasn't right for me since this nation hasn't existed for as long as Japan, its been a bit more than 200 years for us. Also, our nation has a fairly diverse history, but its rather negative which destroys the rich part, but still it's rather interesting. Rising due to awesome-'Merica. Seriously though, what I like about America is the freedom that I have here that I wouldn't if I was born in my heritage country of Vietnam and I'm happy and lucky that I was born and raised in America.

    (To Be Continued in My Next Comment)

  • (Continuing)

    6. I chose an 'Acceptable Alternative to Reality' since sometimes, reality is hard to deal with for me as someone who really doesn't have a social life and has dealt with things like depression. I also sometimes feel like I'm in an infinitely regressive place with reality or in a vacuum. So, for me anime is the choice I chose since it offers me a place where I could be to watch something that interests me and something I can relate to or just be entertained and laugh.

    7.I chose 'Welcome to the NHK!' since that's the one I'm most familiar with as I've seen alot. I don't understand what they were aiming for here since, I believe, that because someone knows a lesser known anime that means their weeaboo factor increases is non-sequitir (it tdoes not follow) as well as falls into other fallacies. I've known some lesser known anime just because they've been recommended or I've caught a glimpse of a PV on YouTube or Facebook.

    8. I chose 'It's Art'. Art is defined as: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Anime is a visual, it is the application of human creative skill as it is typically based off of literature, manga/comics, or video games as far as I'm aware of. It is also appreciatedy for its beauty of the characters or story as well as has emotional power/appeal to those who appreciate the medium.

    9. I chose 'It's constantly misunderstood' since around my friends and in the community of people, they tend to have misconceptions or feign ignorance to what anime actually is such as hasty generalizing as 'hentai' and using microagressive logic and discourse. I'm not sure what logic was behind this to justify and weeabooness since I have reason to believe its fallacious in its intent since people can respond differently with reason and not s

  • 28% Weeaboo.

    I like Japan and I'm not joking about that I want to be fluent in Japanese language. The best thing about Japan imo is the great amount of its contribution to the world in its products (Automotives, Utensils, Vocaloid, Anime, Manga, etc.). Music in particular is Vocaloid and it's because of the lyrics that mostly tell stories instead of enjoyment. Anime is also never "superior". Remember those good ol' cartoons and Disney movies? Now you get it. I think my wish for anime char-like personality irl makes me kind of weeaboo, but I better not be. :3

  • By just looking at this test, my first thought was that I would get inaccurate result.

    I'm interested in culture in general, including Japan. And that alone incises the result, even though I study all types of cultures.

    And then about the J-pop. I listen to russian, japanese, chinese, french, about anything. Mostly I listen to english metal.

    Nihongo ga wakaru? Ofcourse, cause I'm accually learning myself japanese, and not through anime but with real teaching...

    "Wha t'll you think if it's a pretty high number?"

    It is broken. At least on me.

  • I have 48% weeaboo, but what makes me sad me was that I live in Costa Rica and I do not know anything about america. I like Japan because I love Tokyo's lights at night, and I wished I could live in a city instead of some village no one knows about. I take Japanese classes because my school offers scholarships to study at high school in Japan for year, and I wish to get one..

  • 10. I chose 'Kind Of' since I do understand a bit of Japanese. In fact the only reasons why I'm learning Japanese (at my own pace bit by bit) is because the characters looked interesting into me and I wanted to know hwo they're pronounced as well as assembled gramatically and the strokes/structures/ radicals of some symbols just strike me as interesting. (Same goes for Chinese). And I want to add it to my language list since I have plans on traveling across the world in the future.

    11. I chose 'Bob should be more open about his hobbies' since it's okay to be a bit more open towards your interests and share it with other people who have the same interests as you. Sometimes bottling them can be awful and regretful. The other choices, I do believe, sound like weeaboo talk and when I read them in my head, I could only imagine annoying people.

    12. I chose 'I've read a bit' since I do read stuff on certain things that interest me or read cultural notes on subtitles.

    13. I chose '1' since the only thing I've done is manage to get into deep conversations about anime with my friends just to get some recommendations out of them, they get recommendations out of me, and we give each other pointers as to why something we feel is good.

    14. I chose 'None' since I'm to poor to afford any of those at the moment or they're not available tome.

    Anyways, overall this quiz was decent, I've seen way worse and way fallacious quizzes.

    One of them is on this website: [no urls]

    And its just ridiculous and fallacious. But if you want to try it out and see it, just copy the link into the URL.

  • I got 39%, my thoughts in this quiz i thinks its uttered nonsense. Considering the results said im kinda weaboish irritated me at the point where i want to punch dave (creator of the quiz) in the face. I find anime an interesting piece of japanese entertainment and i grew up with it. Nothing more to add. Btw i reported this quiz. If u dont like that then ef you, you're butthurt. I hate weaboos.

  • I got 39%, my thoughts in this quiz i thinks its uttered nonsense. Considering the results said im kinda weaboish irritated me at the point where i want to punch dave (creator of the quiz) in the face. I find anime an interesting piece of japanese entertainment and i grew up with it. Nothing more to add. Btw i reported this quiz. If u dont like that then ef you, you're butthurt. I hate weaboos.

  • You are 44% weeaboo.

    Why would I be irritated? I love my own country and its cultures, but I also enjoy some of the things that Japan has to offer, like vocaloids and some anime is decent. To me, anime is just another style of drawing/cartoon.

  • a weeaboo is someone who completely resents their own culture and pretends to be Japanese. they often speak Japanese words in the middle of their sentence as well as mispronounce Japanese words. you can still learn Japanese watch anime read manga be interested in Japanese culture etc. without being a weeaboo

  • 44%

    Actually, looking over the questions, some of it doesn't exactly make someone a weeaboo

    One can be a fan of anime, cosplay, draw fanart, etc without being a weeaboo, it just means they're a fan of it

    Now if they take it overboard and think Japan is THAT'S a weeaboo.

  • 40% "[...]your interests are certainly leaning towards somewhere, and sure isn't baseball[...]"

    I love baseball more than anything, which also happens to be pretty huge in Japan.

  • Japan is a country that isn't nearly as themed on anime/manga as some would think. Stupid wapanese nitwits.

  • Alien_exist you are a false prophet. Children are dying of AIDS you mong. Tomboykaitie get off this site you jap this isn't for you.

  • 48% weeaboo. Some of the questions compared America to Japan. I'm infant, Canadian. But whatever. I am who I am.

  • I am 26% so im extremely relieved that im not a no life bast-rd!!!!

  • Japan is not heaven, but Akihibara is. That, my dear Otaku-brethren, is the promised land.

  • Aww, I couldn't get 100 no matter how many times I tried. My honest result was 32%

  • I wanna learn Japanese so I can play jrpg without waiting for their English release... ._. ain't it part of knowledge?

  • I got a 92% I'm sad it wasn't higher.

  • japan is not heaven. get real, people.

  • Well apparently they don't accept URL's, so here's the Title of the Quiz: "The Weeaboo Quiz" and it is on

  • I got 77% wow cool

  • OSU!!!!!!

  • 0%...i think this is the happiest moment in my life!


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