What would be your Japanese name? (Personality-Based)

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A lot of people tend to get involved into cultures apart from their own. This includes names or personalities linked to people. Sometimes, people are curious to find out what their name would be in another country, or even in another language!

If you want to know what YOUR name is in the Japanese language, take this test! Even though this is a small fraction of MANY culturally-rich names, you might still enjoy seeing what this quiz has to offer. This quiz is dedicated to jhulio, who helped me form the idea for this quiz. Additionally, please give behindthename.com credit for basic name origins. :) Enjoy!

Created by: Dark22978

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You're introducing yourself to a new person for the first time. How do you introduce yourself?
  2. Someone is talking to you. While they are talking, you...
  3. Would you say you are rather organized or unorganized?
  4. When under pressure, you...
  5. Are you a conversation engager, or do you allow someone else to start all conversations?
  6. Are you constantly motivated and energetic?
  7. Overall, you are...
  8. Are you easily upset?
  9. Which trait is better, intelligence or kindness?
  10. Teamwork or individual work?
  11. Do you respect others no matter what?
  12. Do you feel friends can relate to you?

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Quiz topic: What would be my Japanese name? (Personality-Based)