Come Join Br0wnies' Clan! :3

Find out which role you'd play in my clan! Deputy, Medicine Cat, Warrior, Apprentice, or Kit? Thanks for joining Br0wnies' clan, I hope you enjoy being in it!

I don't know what to put. :3 Hi! XD Um, how are you today? ...Would you like to join my clan? (Obviously XD) So yeah...find out which role you'd play in my clan!

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. Hello. I am Br0wnies, also known as Bramblestar, your new clan leader. :)
  2. Bramblestar (Me) has Sorta Ruffled, Dark Maple Brown Fur, Very long claws (even when not unsheathed) and Light Amber Brown Eyes that Gleam during sunlight, especially in Greenleaf.
  3. Enough about me, now let's do some questions about you. You're out on a patrol when suddenly you see a kit being attacked by an enemy warrior! What do you do?
  4. Bramblestar tells you to go hunt for the elders. Do you hunt for them?
  5. You're in a fierce battle with an enemy clan, brave warriors are fighting. What is your part in the fight?
  6. An honorable warrior is dead! How do you pay your respects?
  7. What is your specialty?
  8. Thank you, that's all the information I need. The rest of these questions don't count, so you can go ahead and skip them if you want.
  9. So, do you read the Warriors series?
  10. What's your favorite clan?

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