What spirit are you sunrise, miday, or sunset?

um...who really reads this but if you get an answer you dont think is correct...you will change over time so try again and maybe then you"ll get an answer you want.

Which one are you? Do you want to find out which one you are? Well then take this quiz...but um who really even reads these i know i dont so good luck in life.

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. What time do you usually wake up on weekends?
  2. Do you like the sun...or moon?
  3. Do you like stars...or clouds?
  4. Do you like the light...or darkness?
  5. i know this isnt your favorite question but...whats your favorite color :3?
  6. Do you like sleeping?
  7. do you enjoy...adventure time :D!?
  8. just asking but is this quiz good?
  9. the best word...is?
  10. this quiz is over what is your response?

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Quiz topic: What spirit am I sunrise, miday, or sunset?