what time of day are you?

The time of day can lead to reflecting one's true personality...This is not exactly true, but my opinion on this topic, regards to all of you fellow quizzers.

Do you love the sunrise and the beautiful sunset? Are you a lazy afternoon swoon or a perky morning pioneer? This shall helpful unlock your true hour every day (:

Created by: Brittanie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When do you normally awaken?
  2. How do you "class" yourself?
  3. What is your preferred Colour?
  4. What would you have as your wedding ring?
  5. Favourite type of Flower
  6. Where abouts do you live?
  7. Let's see your maths skills... What is: 12^2 (12 squared)
  8. Weather today:
  9. Pick a number...
  10. Last question my friends! Favourite Month?

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Quiz topic: What time of day am I?