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  • Twilight

    Cliché, but you enjoy this mystical moment when the sun is just setting down for the night. The air around has the presence of magic and you feel young, agile and ready for anything the night throws at you. (even if it is Edward Cullen)

    haha..lo lz..this was very accurate! I love it! And this IS my favorite part of the day! xD

  • Dawn: You are fresh and breezey and do not mind change. You like watching the start of something new, and ready for the new start ahead of you, exicited and ready for anything!

    Cool! Dawn skies are always beautiful

  • Morning.

  • I gOT Dawn

    But, i'd rather be sunset because I just ADORE SUNSETS!

    Nice quiz ;D

    Wooden Bridge
  • I am Dawn. Loved the quiz, it is so accurate! At least with me it is! xD


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