How well do you know All Time Low?

All Time Low is a pop punk band based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Many have heard of them but only some can consider themselves a true All time Low fan!

Can you? Do you know All Time Low like the back of your hand? Find out by taking this test and challenging your true knowledge of the band! Or are you scared?

Created by: Amelie

  1. What year did All Time Low form as a band?
  2. What brand of Guitar do both Jack and Alex play?
  3. Which song was originally written for 'Nothing Personal' but was released separately because it didn't fit the album?
  4. What was the name of Alex and Jack's band on RockBand?
  5. What song did All Time Low release their first music video for?
  6. Which member of All Time Low considered leaving the band to attend college?
  7. Which two members have matching blink 182 tattoos?
  8. Which song do All Time Low play last at every show?
  9. Who collects bras onstage during a live show?
  10. Which member of All Time Low was stalked outside their house?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know All Time Low?