How well do you know All Time Low?

All Time Low is a 4-man pop-punk band straight out of Maryland. But you already knew that, right? Otherwise, why would you take this quiz? It's a pretty decent quiz compared to the other pushover tests on the internet.

This quiz on All Time Low is sure to test your knowledge on the band. Will it make you or break you? You should probably be serious about this test, because it isn't exactly another "whos the lead singer of atl?" kind of quiz.

Created by: Alex
  1. Who are the members of All Time Low?
  2. Vinny Vegas sure likes to
  3. The two labels All Time Low played under are/were
  4. The lyrics "oh, we are the dancers" comes from the song
  5. Rian used to have (think, Circles):
  6. All Time Low's favorite band is...
  7. (according to Alex) Remembering Sunday ends with
  8. The band member who's known to joke around the most is:
  9. Zack's last name is:
  10. All Time Low comes from
  11. The lyrics "you closed your eyes, and said goodbye to all of those who loved you" are from
  12. "Stay Awake,
  13. Which of these songs does not have an acoustic version?
  14. "And my words are as timed as
  15. All Time Low covered Rihanna's song Umbrella for:
  16. Matt
  17. Alex was born in
  18. "The way i see it, you could never do what i do" is from

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Quiz topic: How well do I know All Time Low?