How goth are you?

There are many people who claim they are goth, but are they really? well, time to face the music, time to grate the cheese, time to walk the dog, time to...yeah you get it!

Are you a goth? go on and find out already :] (this is only for entertainment purposes. This can't tell who you really are . But it's fun anyway! all respects to True Goths, blessed be :] )

Created by: Dawn
  1. What's your favorite colour? (yep, i know!)
  2. What music do you listen to?
  3. Walls of your bedroom, black?
  5. Black silk?
  6. Ever thought about suicide?
  7. I know what goth is..
  8. Kndagtmdj? (no effect on results..dont wry ;] )
  9. Ever fantasized about killing someone u hate?
  10. The sun...

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Quiz topic: How goth am I?