Home Alone Part 2(girls only ss)

Okay, so you met Tyler, Matt, or James the last time. Today you are going on a date with whoever you met. This should be very fun. :) (: Keep looking for the rest of the series.

Okay, so the quiz is mostly a personality thing this time, not an adventure type thing like last time. This time you are deciding where to go based on your personality. Beach, your apartment, or a concert.

Created by: Kara

  1. Are you...
  2. The best date would include...
  3. Are you afraid of people?
  4. :)
  5. Your guy that you got last time says, "____, what is your favorite color?" you say...
  6. A creepy guy on the street comes up to you and asks, "Do you like marshmallows?" you respond by...
  7. I have run out of questions...
  8. JK, i have more.
  9. Favorite time of day?
  10. Are you excited to know where you arer going with the guy u met?(does effect)

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