Home Alone Part 1(girls only)

You are home alone, your parents are gone for a week on a business trip and you have no siblings and all of your friends are busy, so you decide to go for a walk.

You will be quizzed about where you are walking too, choosing your qwn direction, and this will get you to meet one of three boys who you will spend your week with. Have fun and look for part two. My username is sunset_stars Also, please look at the parting words at the end, they are IMPORTANT!!!

Created by: sunset_stars

  1. you walk out of your apartment and go which direction?
  2. you get caught up in...
  3. when you are finished in whatever place you went into, you see a man drop his wallet, what do you do?
  4. After you choose to do one, what happens?
  5. After you are done with that, you see a stray cat...
  6. Now that is taken care of, you cant help but notice some pretty flowers for sale. Do you buy them?
  7. You continue walking, what happens?
  8. You catch your flowers/feel the water/ get the CD. Now what?
  9. you are finnaly at you destination. where are you?
  10. You see a boy in fornt of you. He...

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