Stars of the night part 1

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You are Sophie, she loves listening to music and being close to the stars. She is on her way to hawk I to meet up with her parents when her plane crashes for some reason. Everyone is killed and sophie

Is left alone as a ghost. She has some unfinished business, but the question is, what is that business? This story was written by The blue wolf, enjoy!

Created by: The blue wolf

  1. "Sophie." I listened to my music and looked at the beautiful night sky. "SOPHIE." I took out one of my ear buds. "SOPHIE!" My grandmother who was blind was starting to get scared. "I'm right here! I'm sorry I couldn't hear you."
  2. "Have you gone deaf girl?!" She said. "No I'm just listening to some music." As she got calmer I continued to stare into the sky. It's amazing, it's hypnotic, it's... it's... "Burning!" I yelled. Everyone held on tightly to their sheets and screamed. I hugged my grandmother who had no idea what was going on and prayed.
  3. Darkness
  4. I woke up feeling fine. I looked around until I saw the plane. I got inside and looked around. I was shocked. I saw the dead bodies of everyone who was on bored... and my corpse was still clinging onto grandmother*
  5. Suddenly everything flashed before my eyes. The crash, grandmothers confusion, and my song I was listing to.
  6. I sat in the field. I felt different but... not... I waited there for a long time...
  7. THREE WEEKS LATER»»» I heard voices. I looked and saw three boys, about my age pushing each other towards the plane. "Do it!" One with black hair and brown eyes said. "Yeah go in!" One with blonde hair and brown eyes said.
  8. As they spoke I caught their names. Black haired was named Jon, blonde was named Matthew, and the last one, a brown haired and blue eyes boy, was named Zack
  9. They all came into the plane and a few seconds later came back out, screaming. I laughed to myself then Zack looked directly at me. "Hi." He said awkwardly. "Uh... hi?" I said.
  10. I stood up and his eyes started glowing. No one noticed but me then his friends started talking to him. "Zack!" Jon said. "Who the bell are you talking to?" "I'm not sure I haven't asked her name yet." He responded. They gave him a weird look then walked away. Zack and I talked for a while then he had to go. We walked opposite ways but then I was pulled back to him.
  11. Ok I'll continue in part two
  12. Bye

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