Never Alone (Part 3)

Hiya, and welcome to part three of Never Alone. I literally stayed up half the night to finish this because I kept zoning out since I was listening to music.

Ok I would like to say thank's to Ivoryleaf for coming up with the character Avery you will see what personality I have him soon. I also came up with another guy character, but I will be making more. Oh, and I would like to thank Topaz for being so helpful.

Created by: xbox360fan
  1. I leaded Kameron to the hayloft, and climbed up it as soon as I did that Knight ran over to me, and he hopped onto my shoulder Solo noticed me, and he made a cat like growl, but stopped when Kameron walked over to him.
  2. I laughed seeing this, and I set down my backpack pulling out my Ipod listening to the song Everybody Loves Me by OneRepublic. I put in my headphone's as Kameron looked at me "Do you want me to get a job, and start earning money Coal?" Kameron asked me. I just shrugged "I don't care" I said as I listened to the song, and scratched Knight's head.
  3. Me, and Kameron sit there talking for hour's when Bear manage's to make his way up to the hayloft, and he trot's over to me I laughed, and rubbed his as I went back to talking to Kameron. I then hear someone calling for Bear I didn't recognize the voice "Kameron wait here" I say. I crawled to a spot where I could see down I saw a guy with dark red hair that's messy, and light gray eyes. He seemed to maybe have anger issue's by the look on his face, but I noticed he probally could be kind.
  4. Bear trot's over next to me resting his head on some of the hay as he let's out a small bark my eye's widen, and I quickly duck behind the hay I can't risk being caught again he seemed to hear the bark, and Bear looked at me as if saying sorry I sighed softly, and I rubbed Bear's head.
  5. Bear layed his head down on my lap as I heard someone come up thinking it was Kameron I stood up, but it was him the guy he got up here quickly. He ignored Bear, and took a step foward as if saying what are you doing doing here? I sood my ground, and Bear stood infront of me in a protective manner as he growled the guy noticed this, and he frowned. It then happened he hit Bear sending him to the ledge of the hayloft I snapped right then, and there
  6. Without thinking I turned into a wolf, and lunged I bit down on his shoulder, and he yelled in pain, but he punched me in the jaw knocking me off. I yelped, but I quickly recovered he turned around to walk off thinking I was done, but I lunged again this time biteing his leg that was when he lost it he punched my jaw one last time and a jolt of electricity came through my body, and i realised he had power's, but then i realised he broke my jaw as I fell to the ground with an ear splitting scream as I turned human
  7. My face felt wet, and I realised I was crying this is the first time I cryed in year's. I then saw three face's I knew, and one I didn't. I knew the one that snapped, but not his name. There was Nick, Kyle, and Kameron. Then there was someone with spiky white hair (think anime spiky), and stunning dark gray eye's that looked like the one with anger issue's except different feature's. The one that broke my jaw was still there the one with green eye's tryed to calm him down they both never looked at me. Kameron ran over to my side. "Are you ok Coal" Kameron whispered. I tryed to talk, but pain surged through my body I couldn't take it I had to get away from all this broken jaw or not.
  8. I showed my wing's, and everyone stared as I did this the hair dye dissapeared, and I took the colored contact's out seeing that the hair dye alway's goes away when I do this. I ignored the pain in my jaw, and I looked at Bear who was still laying there I picked him up, and flew up creating a hole in the roof has I flew to a near cliff I landed, and set Bear down. He was still alive so I place my hand on him, and healed him. The thing is sadly I can't heal my own wound's I can only heal other people only.
  9. Bear opened his eye's, and he looked at me he barked happyly, and I tried to smile, but it hurt. Bear noticed this, and he whined he looked at me as if saying he will go get help I nodded, and I watched as he ran off. I was now alone. My dad's last word's rang through my head "Never Alone" he said, and those two word's I believed I still do.
  10. I flapped my wing's slightly as I held my jaw in place hoping this would be all over soon as I waited for Bear to get back. I heard the one that broke my jaw coming back, and I stood up ready to fight or fly.
  11. He stopped, and looked at me as if he was about to say something until the other's came Kameron ignored the other's as he came toward's me examining my jaw. He sighed softly, and he touched my jaw lightly healing it "Is he your boyfriend or something cutie?" Nick asked with a hint of jealousy. I shook my head "No he's my uncle you dip sh--" I said clearly annoyed Nick just winked at me. The one with dark gray eye's just stood there emotionless.
  12. The one that broke my jaw took a step toward's me I grabbed my dagger just in case. My dagger is curved like a bear's claw except ya know bigger, and way sharper, and it was made out of volcanic rock, and had posion in it the handle was made out of pure clear emerald, and you could take the middle of the handle out to put in the poision It's a pretty awesome dagger if I do say so my self I made it.
  13. He stopped seeing this "All I want to say is sorry" he said more to him self then me "ya right you broke my jaw, and you say sorry now?" I said still annoyed "Oh I'm Avery by the why, and you?" he said I frowned "and I'm none of your fu---- buisness" I said to all of them. I was clearly in a bad mood because of my bi-polar diesease which I hate. I knew school was today since It's like two in the morning. Time fly by's super quick. I flew off bathed in the waterfall again changing into a black hoodie, dark blue jean's, and gray converse. I put in my jet black hair dye, and colored contact's. I then headed to school.
  14. First to class again I smiled, but I got horrible new's Mr.Evan's had a heart attack, and died it seemed like my world was crumbling from under me. I ran to the one place where I alway's go when I'm the school libary. No one is normally there so I ran to it tear's streaming down my face. People stopped to stare since people started to come in the building once I got there I hid in the one spot in the libary no one goes to that often which is the math, and history section.
  15. The guy I still don't know his name seemed to walk around the corner, and he spotted me. I didn't notice him as I had my knee's up to my chest, and my head burrowed into my knee's. I then felt his presence as he walked closer all he did was give me something, and walk off. I lifted my head, and read it, it was a note from Mr.Evan's before he died It was ironic that it said "You will never be alone~ Signed Mr.Evan's" I never thought that he would say that, and I just sat there thinking
  16. :P Bye hope ya liked it I will make the next one as soon as possible.

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