Would You Survive "Hanna's Zombie Apocalypse?" part 2

It's finally here! Part 2 is now available! Hope your excited! This part is a little better than the first. In this series, you need to do more work, and more luck!

I hope you like this series. This series is a little better than part 1. Although, you have to do more thinking, it could be better! Remember, there are 10 parts!

Created by: ZombiRulz

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  1. You are now trying to get to Denver, CO. You have to face many challenges. Do you press on or try to go back?
  2. You decide to go on, but, you don't have your weapons! You forgot the gun bag! What do you say and do?
  3. You find weapons! Which weapon do you pick?
  4. You have picked your weapon of choice. You have to fight the Anthrax now! How will you react?
  5. You defeated the Anthrax. Now, you come up on two paths. The left path leads to the bridge. The right path leads to the river quicker, where you can get to the boat. Which path do you pick?
  6. You crossed the path you chose. You finally made it to the river. You hear the radio. You answer it. The person said, "Prepare yourselves when your ready." What do you do?
  7. You now fight the horde, along with the Anthrax. Do you fight the horde, Anthrax, or both?
  8. You finally defeated the horde and the Anthrax. But, more are coming. You are out of supplies. Do you get more?
  9. Now, here comes more!
  10. You made it to the boat! What do you do?

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