Could You Survive MY Zombie Apocalypse?

Okay, so I was bored, And possibly high when I made this. I'm sorry if you thought this was a legit "zombie apocalypse" thing. If that's what you want, please leave this quiz and never return, if you're here bored and want entertainment, CONTINUE ON, MY FINE FRIEND.

Like I said before, random, weird, has nothing to do with actually zombies, some inside jokes that no one will understand. Yep, that pretty much sums up this awesome quiz!

Created by: firegirl88
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  1. Okay, so this is MY zombie apocalypse, so no matter how crazy and weird things get, just keep going! M'kay?
  2. Okay, so you wake up one morning with your mini dinosaur sleeping on your feet. You kick it off and look at the time, seeing that you're late for school!
  3. So, you jump out of bed, and halfway while getting dressed. You realize it's Saturday. You facepalm yourself and fall back into bed with your pet dino. When you here alarms ringing, loudly. You jump up again. "Aw, what now!?" You said,frustrated that you couldn't just chill in bed with Diny the Dino.
  4. You walk outside, and see people eating other people! "WHAT THE HELL!?" You yell, just hoping it was a dream and you would wake up with Diny the Dino again. But....nope! It's real, oh yes, very real...
  5. So, one of the zombies spot you and starts doing this weird walk/run towards you, you quickly slam the door, locking it. But, since you're an idiot, you left the window open! The zombie somehow sees this because it magically got a brain, and climbs through the window. It sees you, and then continues it's weird walk/run thing towards you.
  6. You grab Diny the Dino and run into your room, but a magical yof is in your room!
  7. Just to let you all know, a Yof is a killer unicorn. That me and my friends made up in health with a word search....don't ask.
  8. So, the Yof stabs you in the stomach with it killer Yof horn, and everything goes black.
  9. So you wake up and see a strange looking room, that your in. So see a T.V. come on. A creepy puppet comes up. "Hello, ____. I want to play a game." It says, and it sounded constipated. "Wait," You say. "Aren't you the guy from the "Saw" films?" "Uh...maybe." It answered. then everything went black again.
  10. You wake up with a zombie gnawing on your pat leg, you shoot it quickly, remembering having the strangest dream...
  11. The five years later, you get bitten and....
  12. So you did whatever, I don't really care. God...this is what boredom leads to, eh? WE MUST FIGHT AGAINST BOREDOM! Kay, bye bye! :)

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