Will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

There are 2 types of people in a world full of zombies?What are they a survivor,and a loser.In a world full of zombies everything chances and no one is spared.

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?Do you have the mental state to stay calm and get out of a nightmare?Well take my quiz and we well soon find out if you can.

Created by: Oscar

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  1. Are you familiar with using a gun?
  2. Do you have any weapons currently at your house/apartment
  3. You see that the news has reported that a infection has been turning people into the living dead, now what do you do?
  4. The infection has spreaded faster than anyone could have thought,do you rome solo or take a group
  5. You find a assault rifle and a hang gun,you and your group (or solo) are being overrun by a horde of zombies,what do you do?
  6. You have no equipment and you see a convoy of survivors coming,but they seem to be hostile,do you signal them?
  7. Your safe in a panic room,but running out of supplies,do you leave and risk someone else finding it?
  8. the infection has been going on for years,then you see a wall and it says ''There is a evacuation site near the mall" you don't know how long its been there do you take the chance?
  9. Someone you hate is begging for help from you,your short on supplies,what do you do?
  10. You have plenty of ammo and weapons,but zombies are closing in and you are trapped,to make matters worse the last chopter is leaving in 10,what do you do

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the zombie apocalypse?