Can you really survive a zombie apocalypse?

Most people think that they could survive the zombie apocalypse, but in the event of a real one, they will panic and die. They rarely make the right choices and in the end risks everyone's lives.

Can YOU survive? This test has been specifically made just for the occasion and every result has been read about and studied to make sure the results are correct, Find out and see what happens.

Created by: Shaddie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you honestly think you can survive?
  2. How physically fit are you?
  3. Do you know any form of self-defense
  4. Where do you live? (Pollution has less effect than population)
  5. How much do you know about weapons in general?
  6. How will you know of the zombie Apocalypse?
  7. Which place will you fortify?
  8. Which type gun will you use?
  9. Which type gun will you use?
  10. Which is the greatest skill?
  11. Which is the best melee weapon?

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Quiz topic: Can I really survive a zombie apocalypse?