Which Keeper of the Lost City character are you?

Shannon Messanger is a genius! Her characters are the best. I know there are a lot of little Sophie's and Fitz's running around! Not to mention Keefe's (sigh).

But which are you? Are you the fearless Fitz. the troubled Keefe, or the savior of us all, Sophie? Find out now! And don't worry, you may not all be as wonderful as Keefe, but if everyone ad great hair, what would we do?

Created by: Ratso Fatso
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  1. If someone asked you if you wanted to throw a ripple puff at Dame Alna's face, what would be your answer?
  2. If you had to be someone else who would you be?
  3. Pick your poison.
  4. Which ability would you kill for? (not literally)
  5. Ok, you have only five seconds to chose a friend to save, and only one. Who do you choose?
  6. OTP?
  7. You are stuck taking care of one of the Ruewan's animals. which one do you agree to? (in return for some mallow melt from Edaline)
  8. Which book is the best? (due to keefe moments, more food, or Sparkle Butt and Keefe moments? whatever)
  9. Who has the best hair?
  10. And finally, the most important question, what color should Iggy be?

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Quiz topic: Which Keeper of the Lost City character am I?