Magic Love Part 1

This is my first series so if you don't like it please understand.There will be a new girl in part 8.There will be new boys in part 3.I will be making 5 parts a week.

I don't have a Image for the anwers yet but I will in part 2.Katelen has Shiney Brown hair and her pet is a golden retriver.I put that there so could kind of picture her.

Created by: Sheng

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  1. Your name is Katelen but your nick name is Kate.You are new at this school.Wich animal is your favorite animal?
  2. You wake up in the morning but you can't figure out what to wear.What do you want to wear?
  3. When you get to school you hear a noise.You think its....
  4. It was Max!He said he'll take you to class.What woud you say?
  5. You say yes.When you guys enter the hall you feel a pain in your back.You suddunley Black out.
  6. You wake up on the grass,then you see max fighting a guy.You stand up then see that guy Max was fighting was your ex-boyfriend Matt!
  7. Your bff,Molly sees you and runs to help you.She helps you and you see that Max won!But he hurt his arm.
  8. When you came home you feel sleepy.Then someone puches you.You blackout again.
  9. You wake up in a pink and cute room.

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