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  • I like Josh.;) Why is she getting these vision things? I liked the quiz but it was a little bit confusing. I think with just a few grammar corrections and spelling it would be easier to read. But all in all nice job!

    SparklyScarlett Jul 30 '11, 1:09PM
  • ^the reason is cause he looks too serious lol

    Alexandra_18o Jul 19 '11, 5:03PM
  • Rated 9! :D

    Alexandra_18o Jul 19 '11, 5:02PM
  • Hello. I like the quizzes but sometimes theyre a little mixing up :) I LOVE CATS!!! I like Steve but no offense I dont like how he looks :P

    Alexandra_18o Jul 19 '11, 5:01PM
  • hola i like cats :D
    i like josh

    pieiscool1 Jul 16 '11, 9:42PM
  • HI

    cats Jul 16 '11, 12:09PM

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