Confinement Part 32

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Created by: Dannica
  1. The next morning I awoke to thunder claps and the sound of rain shattering like glass against my window. From what I remember I literally jolted up from bed, my eyes snapping immediately open as if I was having one of the worst nightmares of my life. I groaned when I saw it was three o'clock in the morning. I lay back down in bed, trying to fall back asleep; for some reason the rain bothered me too much. I decided to get ready for school early, as a way to make up for yesterday. Sort of. After my change of clothes I put out some fresh food and milk for Comet, and then prepared myself a bowl of cereal before brushing my teeth. The monochrome outside seemed to plague through the building, to my room. It felt rather depressing, somewhat, to have gone to sleep in darkness and wake up in gray. Like going through each phase of oblivion as you fall down a deep hole in the ground like Alice. Another boom made me jump. Bright light flashed. It made me realize that I didn't have an umbrella. I sighed while I washed the dishes. The whole time I was awake I kept thinking about last night. I know that that's all I have been thinking"”and better yet"”talking about, but I still felt like I needed some form of closure. Web? Rave? Anybody?
  2. Suddenly I ran across my room to my phone, which has been sitting on my study table for more than twenty-four hours doing absolutely nothing. As suspected, I had ten missed calls from Mom. I didn't know if I wanted to call her now and leave a voicemail, because I know she would be asleep. My goal was to avoid all communication and confrontation with her and Dad at all costs. I knew my plan would fail. I left a voicemail anyways, to explain why I hadn't picked up the calls, and that I was fine, so I could save myself and her some time when I tried telling the long story over the phone later on, which was bound to occur. I left my phone by its lonesome again, and sat on the couch, where Rave sat all the time. As I sat there with my arm hanging lazily over the rest, I am reminded of when Flame sat here as well, and how I felt it so out of place. I felt like a sheet of notebook paper torn imperfectly from a notebook, and is just dangling there"”halfway out and halfway in. But at least I was college-ruled. The hours droned by. I felt it selfish that I wished for Rave to come now instead of after school, because I was the one who told him to sleep. I pondered over whether or not he truly did have to do something involving clarifications, or just didn't want to spend the night. I wished he could be more forthcoming, almost like Flame. It's six o'clock. I can hear the footsteps and voices of girls in the rooms beside me, probably scouring for clothes and asking if they could borrow some shampoo. I wish I had a roommate. The concoction of thunder and lightning make themselves visible almost every minute that passes by"”like fireworks. I wish they were fireworks. I'm still waiting.
  3. Sebastian awoke with a loud and unpleasant choking noise, as if he was gagging from something. He was bouldered between Noose and Dig at the back of a taxi, which they stole at the airport; Carnation was driving, while Razor was sitting in the passenger seat. When Carnation saw Sebastian's eyes open from the mirror above her head, it almost caused her to swerve off the narrow road. She spun the wheel to make the car get back on track, causing everybody to jerk to the right. "My apologies," she muttered, still focusing on Sebastian. "I was overjoyed when I saw that you are well, Master." She remembered when Noose (Or was it Dig?) had told her and the rest of the group that Sebastian wished to be called "Master" now. She had tried her best not to chortle. The others didn't seem as amused. "Where are we?" Sebastian's voice was thin, and sounded raw, but still managed to have the tone of authority. Apparently he hadn't forgotten his position in power. In honest opinion, Carnation always favored Viper to Sebastian. It wasn't because Viper was a female, or that Viper was nicer (which she absolutely wasn't), but perhaps it was because Viper gave her a sense of individuality. Viper would allow Carnation to make her own decisions, whereas Sebastian made them for her. But she knew that if Viper was in Sebastian's place and Sebastian was in her's, Viper wouldn't be able to handle the task of what Sebastian envisioned for the future of the Miscreancy. And that's what all was important to her.
  4. "Just driving around," Razor responded. "You have not given us any further plans than traveling on the plane." Sebastian seemed disoriented, but he sat up straight anyways, and smoothed down his hair. "Ah, yes. Carnation, please just follow the cars. There is a music festival going on throughout Seattle, and I happen to have a friend who is performing." Carnation nodded curtly, not wanting to be the one to question what he was talking about. Thankfully she was't, as if Noose read her mind. Sebastian unwrinkled his shirt. "It's a surprise visit. You might have heard of him. He goes by Hef." Everybody froze at the sound of the name. Of course everybody heard of him. He was Haste's number one colleague outside of the Miscreancy. He was the only human every allowed to go in and out of the Temple as he pleased, and still be treated like the higher hierarchy. He was the reason the Miscreancy had gotten so many human associates in the first place. Carnation clutched the wheel in her hand until her knuckles were blue. Hef was the only person who could take Sebastian's place as leader of the Miscreancy. Sebastian laughed. The sound echoed through the walls of Carnation's head. Hef was Haste's brother.
  5. "Oh my god. Are you Satan?" Web backed away in an almost horrified matter from Jake. Flame tried not to laugh as he threw his shirt on. Jake tapped his fingers on his clipboard. "I know it will be hard for you to actually attend your classes, Web, but Principal Dapper assigned me to make sure you go to every single one of them at the exact given time. Heck, I didn't even know you were skipping so many classes before last night." Web's mouth was agape. "But I"”" Jake put his hand up to stop him. "That's final. Also no going out tonight. Or tomorrow. No going out for two months. At all. You go to your classes, and then go straight back here. The only exception is if you have tutoring with a valid tutor, or meetings with a counselor. If you must eat from the school cafeteria, a school official must be with you at all times." Flame noticed Web starting to breathe really hard. He wondered if he was going to have to go back to the hospital. "I also have to escort you to your first period every morning. And then from then on a counselor will make sure you get through the rest of the day. I advise you to get ready now, so that you're not rushing." Jake started to walk out the room, his hand prepared to close the doorknob. Suddenly he turned around. "Oh, and Web?" Web looked up with almost a saddened look on his face. Flame didn't think he could take it any longer. Jake smiled. "No girls."
  6. Web broke, and let out a gigantic noise of grieve. "Jake, that's not fair! Do you see me?! How can I"” No, how can they be punished as well? This is not only a direct violation to my inner male but also to the female population of this campus!" Flame started cracking up. Web shot him daggers. "This isn't funny! This means you can't bring girls either, right? He can't bring girls here either?" Jake chewed on his lip. "He can, possibly when you're eating or at a class. But what he does does not affect your rules. Now get ready." Web flinched when the door closed. He stared after it for a long period of time in a state of shock and bewilderment. Flame chuckled again. "I have never seen you so boggled before." Web clenched and unclenched his fists. "This has never happened," he muttered, more to himself. He looked up sharply at Flame. "Is this legal?" Flame nodded. "Unfortunately it is. Even for the prettier people. Sorry, bro. But hey, at least you have me for company. That is better than any girl visiting, must I say." Web collapsed on his bed. Flame laughed. "I'll make you some apology brownies later."
  7. Reyna took me to my first period class. I couldn't block out the stares and laughs that were directed towards me; she was following me like a puppy. I tried avoiding eye contact as much as possible"”especially with the girls. I had this gut feeling that the spread of my whole "mental condition" has sparked interest in the school body, as they united as one. Against me. And I know it seemed super stereotypical that one popular girl stated something and then the whole school is suddenly behind her and will believe anything coming out of her filthy mouth, but I guess that's why they put it into books and movies"”because they were reality. "She's crazy. I heard her only friend is her cat," I heard someone whisper as they walked by. "Yeah, schizo." "I heard she was at the hospital last night. I bet she was throwing a fit." It seemed like that's what I heard the whole time I was striding my way to class, trying to keep my head up and not let it get to me. It was harder to not care about what people thought than said so. I turned around before I opened the door to enter my English class to acknowledge Reyna for the first time this morning. "Thanks." She nodded curtly. "Advisers will keep an eye out for you to make sure you attend the rest of your classes for the day." I mimicked the same nod she gave me, and then turned back around. "And, _____?" she asked, my hand on the doorknob. I didn't turn around, but I sensed she knew I was listening. "Don't let these kids get to you." I stared at my hand for a few seconds, before deciding to thank her again. But she was gone by the time I turned around. I bit down onto my lip, and then paced into the classroom, prepared for the worst.
  8. ~ I had a few bucks for lunch. I was welcomed by Connie and Bill, and I was surprised that they still remembered me. A school adviser had kept close to me while I entered the cafeteria, but soon I was left alone. I hadn't seen anybody today: Naomi, Lauren, Flame, or Web, so I chit-chatted with Connie for a little bit, while she plated my food. "You've heard, right?" She laughed. "Oh, honey, the whole staff knows. If you haven't been informed well enough, James Dawn is one of the most elite schools in the nation. Lord, we haven't been involved with the police in years!" I pointed at the mac and cheese while rolling my eyes. "It wasn't that bad." Connie dolloped a big scoop onto the plate. "Well it was bad enough that that troublemaker Web was put into the hospital. Lucky that other kid saved your behinds. What's his name?" I made my way down the line, hoping nobody was listening. The last thing I needed was Rave to be known among the student body.
  9. "His name's Rave. He's"”um"”a black-belt. In karate." Connie showed me her toothy grin. "Handy young fellow to have as a friend might I say." I agreed with a smile, as she handed my plate to me, simultaneously punching down numbers on the cash register. I saw the amount I owed on the screen, and gave her a little over, using the change as a tip. While the receipt printed out Connie put a hand on her hip, and pointed behind her. "How about you eat out there in our break room? Kitchen staff heard about your punishment and found it dire. We'll watch out for you during lunch. Matter of fact, our boy Tyson is already out there talking to one of the advisers!" I gave her a disbelieving shake of my head. "Are you serious?" Connie tore the receipt out with one smooth motion, and then urged me to come behind the counter with her. "I knew you were going to be one of my favorite kids, dear, from the minute I eyed you scratching that bag of yours."
  10. Comet was laying on the floor, his belly full. The room was very quiet; the room was very still. The clock ticked. The wind whistled. Comet was licking his paw. The TV was blank, DVD cases sprawled on the ground. The room felt very empty; the room felt very tight. Footsteps pattered. The door squeaked. Comet's ears erected. The man stood still, his eyes cautious. The room remained quiet; the room remained tight. The clock ticked. The door shut. The man smiled. "Shh, kitty. I will only be a minute."

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