Confinement Part 28

Announcements: Alright, welcome to Part 28 of my newest series Confinement! Thank you for waiting patiently (as always), and for the generous birthday greetings! Special thanks to @LightningThieves for dedicating that quiz to me, it means so much!

Question of the Day is here! I realize that I haven't been putting them up on my last parts, so for those of you who actually answer them, here is is: What do you think Sebastian wanted to fly on public transportation?

Created by: Dannica
  1. After the initial shock I had when Rave started dropping bodies like flies, I crawled over to Web, and put his head in my lap. I could hear him grunting, and mumbling some gibberish under his breath. He tried sitting up at one point, but I ordered him to get back down. I saw his lips curve into a smirk (which obviously meant that this event did not bring down his self-confidence whatsoever), and he said, "I'm not drunk." I quickly sighed, flinching every time I heard a sickly crunch in the background. "Shut up, you're injured. You're lucky you're not dead." He choked out a laugh, making him heave in pain afterwards. "That would be a bit over-dramatic, don't you think, celery stick?" I was going to roll my eyes at him, but then he went back unconscious. And I just sat there. I didn't know what to do; even if I did it seems like I couldn't do anything useful. There were maybe five bodies on the ground. And before I could squint my eyes through the rain they all dissolved into darkness. Many of Aspen's crew were running from the scene, clearly scared of what Rave would do to them. Sooner or later it was only Aspen left. He was darting his eyes from me to Rave, his jaw trembling. Rave had his unreadable expression on his face. Then he looked at me. Don't look.
  2. I didn't. I moved my eyes away from Aspen right when I heard a plea of help, and a crescendo of cracks.
  3. ~ Web needed stitches and a sling for his arm that he twisted in some unknown way during the fight. When Rave Shimmered us in front of the hospital and checked Web in, he insisted that a nurse check up on me too, just to make sure that I was okay. As I was sitting on the sanitizing paper on the hospital bed, a Nurse Blake came in and did the normal procedure: asking me questions, checking my heart rate, getting my blood pressure, and checking my eyes. After everything she did she would write down something on her clipboard, which reminded me of Reyna. Finally she clicked the pen, and put it back into her front pocket of the white coat she was wearing. "What even happened?" I fidgeted in my seat. "Uh, there was a fight that we were passing by, and my friend tried breaking it up. But he got punched instead." Nurse Blake nodded as if she understood. "Yeah. It was very traumatizing for me." After nodding for a few more seconds, she got up from her chair and put a light hand on my shoulder. "Well you got it better than your friend, because you're absolutely fine. But you might want to stay in here for a whole longer. You look rattled up."
  4. I shook my head in agreement, and then thanked her as she exited through the door. I found myself scratching at the leather of where I was sitting. I still couldn't comprehend what had happened just previous moments ago. At first I was having fun: dancing and laughing and twirling around like there was no tomorrow, and now here I was in a hospital. The clock ticked wildly loud, and I stared blankly at the posters inhabiting the room, all in which had to do with some deadly disease. I started kicking my feet back and forth, and I started scratching deeper into the leather, and I started breathing really quick, like I was having an asthma attack. Then there was a knock on the door, and I stopped all at once. "Come in," I said so quietly I thought whoever was there didn't hear. I expected to see Nurse Blake, to tell me that it was time to go, or the doctor coming in to tell me more about Web's condition, so I was faintly surprised when Rave came through the doors, and took a position leaning against the sink across from me, his elbows propping him up. I had a silent staring match with his stormy gray eyes, but I looked away first.
  5. Silence stabbed through the room, and I was scared to even move in my seat from fear of making a noise. Then a smile played upon Rave's lips. "So, how was your night?" I sighed, and ran a hand down my face. "Sorry." His gaze bore into mine. "You're lucky nothing happened to you." "I know." He moved his stance, now using his hands to hold him up. "I told you not to go." "In my defense, I had a really good time know." A look of frustration showed on his face. "You know what those boys were going to do to you, right?" I looked down, nodding. "I thought they were." Rave tapped his fingers on the sink counter for a few beats. "I never would have let it happen." I ached inside. A silhouette of a passing nurse droned past the small window of the door, and I could hear the shrill scream of a baby crying. My heart was beating so fast and loud it was as if a stethoscope was plugged into my ears, as filling thumps pulsated through my skin. "Thank you."
  6. Rave turned around so that his back was facing me, putting all his weight on his hands, so that I could see his back bones through his shirt, whilst doing his signature, breathy laugh. "Sometimes I wonder why I got you as a Purpose." I rose an eyebrow at him as he turned back around. "You always seem to get into trouble that isn't even relevant to being a Seventh Sighter. You cause me distress." A bit annoyed, I said, "Well you can always switch." He put on a bemused expression. "I never said I wanted to switch. You just worry me." "I'm sorry." "It's okay."
  7. I gave him the tiniest of smiles then, and then got up from the hospital bed. I made my way towards Rave, feeling completely ambivalent, and touched his bruise that I noticed before, which was now the color of a dull blue. I felt his smooth skin under my fingertips as I tenderly touched his bean-shaped bruise. He tensed up, and he stayed that way. "What happened?" I asked under my breath, so that we were the only two that could hear. From my peripheral vision I saw his hand wince. "His knuckle got me." "You should put some ice on that." "You shouldn't be the one worrying about me." "But I still do. Besides, if something happens to you then I'm probably going to die anyways considering the circumstances." It was supposed to be a light-hearted joke, but as it came out of my mouth I think we both realized the harsh truth in it. My hand was back down by my side, but our distance remained the same. Our clothes were still damp from the weather, and so was our hair. Rave smelled like pine trees and freshly dewed grass, and I wanted to touch him again.
  8. "You want to know something?" he asked in a low voice. I nodded, the beeping of a heart monitor vibrating through the walls. "I was really scared." I flicked my eyes into his, but couldn't hold his gaze. Before I could say anything he went on, "I wasn't scared for myself, though. I was scared mostly for you. I was really scared that I wouldn't get there on time. My ring started glowing, and I immediately knew you were in trouble. And as I Shimmered there it was like I could hear your screams in my head. That was most frightening." I ran my pointer finger over my thumb"”a habit I did when I was thinking of something to say. "But you got there on time. That's all that matters. Besides, I could have handled a kiss." "Yeah, but I couldn't." I parted my lips to say something, but nothing came out. Rave squirmed. "Next time I'll be there right away." He turned to leave, but then stopped. "Flame's sitting in the waiting room. You should go talk to him." A mixed look crossed my face as Rave closed the door behind him. What just happened?
  9. Sebastian, Razor, Noose, Dig, and Carnation were seated promptly on the plane, somewhat next to each other. For some odd reason, Sebastian had refused to take any private transportation, and so the group was forced to buy tickets to go on a public airplane. With humans. It was the first time for many of the crew, excluding Carnation and Sebastian himself, so it was rather a struggle. Razor, Dig, and Noose had a very hard time going through security, since there were various things that they didn't know had to be removed, removed. But after Sebastian and Carnation guided them through, everything else went smooth except for when one officer getting suspicious as to why none of them had bags. When the officer asked that, it was Sebastian who spoke. "Has it ever occurred to you that we checked in all of our luggage? That we didn't want the hassle of carrying our baggage onto the plane?" The crew had to control themselves from snickering; Sebastian was always good with words"”he spoke as if he was the next heir in the Royal Family. And just as predicted, the officer was lost for even a lone sentence, and just grunted to go on ahead.
  10. So now they were on the plane: Carnation was seated with Razor in Section E of the plane, while Noose was with Dig in Section C. Sebastian"”unsurprisingly"”was seated alone, in Section A. He had told the flight attendants before take off that he had a severe case of claustrophobia, and although he would do okay during the flight, having somebody be merely two inches near him would be pushing his limits. And to grant Sebastian's wish on behalf of the human conscious and duty to keep everybody happy, the flight attendants made the seating arrangements, leaving Sebastian promptly seated by his lonesome.
  11. As Razor watched Sebastian close the window shade to cut off the sunlight, her back was hit again with yet another kick. She could sense Carnation looking over at her with a smirk on her face. Razor curled her fingers into a fist, a snarl forming at the back of her throat. Carnation opened up a magazine, which was provided in the front pocket of the seat in front of her. "Play nice. Sebastian wouldn't be happy if you caused a scene on the plane." She turned the page with a lick of her finger. "Besides, it is a child." Razor clenched her fists tighter. "No matter." Another kick hit her in the seat, making her jerk forward. Carnation rose an eyebrow as Razor started pinching herself. When she regarded her face, Razor said, "A practice of self-discipline." Carnation nodded, and continued reading her magazine. Just then, the engine of the plane started rumbling, and the plane slowly started coming to a steady roll on its wheels. Carnation put the magazine back in its socket, and leaned back in her seat, closing her eyes. This is going to be a long flight.

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