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  • DANNICA!!! *smother hugs* Happy belated birthday!Coincident ally, I JUST got done commenting on that quiz, but, oh, I can't believe how much time has passed since I first started reading your writing. It was They Love Me and my friend had recommended it to me because of the pet penguin (and ever since, you've managed to keep the trend of awesome pets in your stories). Now, to the story!

    Web, you're wayy worse than drunk *shaking my head* obviously he's still relatively well if he can act like his normal confident self. Ouch, Aspen... wow, Rave is... definitely the protective type. I can picture Rave as a very good dark angel.... *snapped out of daydream* oh my, Rave, don't. I can't handle those eyes; emotions x.x the way Rave so tenderly cares, ugh, soo much feeling x.x

    Sebastian? In an airport? With his cronies. Going on public transportation? The poor people don't even know there's basically a psychopathic serial killer mastermind on a tiny confined place with them up thousands of feet above ground. Just thinking about it makes me shiver; Sebastian >.< he's up to no good... what could he want, being in first-class on a public airplane? It would be so easy for him to take over the plane... and then he could use the people perhaps? Hmm... What else could he use... the radio and the other gadgets... do something to the airport security... unless it's rather that he doesn't want to be tracked easily and is using public transport to hide within mass amounts of people? Whatever his motivation; it's highly suspicious, and I can't wait until the next part (realized you got this one out quickly, [for me at least] and I'm very very happy ^^ [Rave was near perfection here] )

  • WOW RAVE!! !!!'

    He is so delicious and scrumptious. Happy birthday again!

    lol hmm

    Ok so rave seemed very angry by this, and Web obviously is still Web. I was smiling like an idiot with that little talk with rave, but at the same time I felt like he didn't like me the way I liked him, you know?


    But anyways, I believe Sebastian uses public transportation because...he wanted to save gas?

    Lol I have no idea, but amazing job!

  • Omgomg you're welcome!!! I'm glad you liked it :)

    Ok so I think that Rave was amazing in this one, because not only was he his usual protective self, but he also showed a tender side towards the main character FINALLY! It was so good OMG I almost had a heart attack

    Now for Sebastian I think he's going to use the plane in some way or something...hmm he has such a caniving mind...

  • I should have read this sooner!! And ohmygawwwdddd. Rave. *faints* He said that he would never let anything happen to me and and and... Hes perfection. Well, almost. If only we could have locked that door and had some kissing action.. LOL o_o Flame should leave so Rave and I could have some more one on one time I: Rave should make a move!!! >:I

  • Woah there gurl! Dannica. I have always loved your quizzes and I loved the beautiful series. You're amazing skils should really be recognized so I will give you a shoutout on one of my quizzes. You are an inspiration and ily so much!!!! It would really be awesome if u checked out my quizzes too!! Maybe you could give me some feedback about them and tell me how to make them better!!!

    U R A.W.E.S.O.M.E

  • My god :o

    Rave...and me...and me...touching Rave...and him saying something that actually could be interpreted as him having...feelings for me?


    I don't really know what's up with Sebastian. Honestly I feel as if he is going crazy ._.

  • Who am I kidding? Rave IS perfection here X3

  • RAVE! *faints* Gosh i can't wait to see what happens next! *squeals* ahhhh this is too good!!!

  • (me freaking out and shaking computer violently) I LOVE YOU RAVE! ahem, "i would never let that happen," EEPPPPP! uh oh, flame's here... is he gonna be angry at me? i hope not >~

  • @RayRay
    Aw thank you, doll! And of course I will :-)


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