Confinement Part 18: It's Out!

Hola! Hm, I don't know what to write here. But yes! Part 18 is out (and has been out for a few days but I just wanted to make sure everybody knew since I got it out quite late in the hour)!

Thank you for continuing on to care about it, lol, I know I took a long time and I apologize sincerely for it because I just haven't got much time to myself better yet writing parts of a story :'( But yes, I'm back!

Created by: Dannica
  1. Hello! If you haven't noticed, Part 18 of my series Confinement is out!
  2. I know I took so long to get it out (like, a month or something) but you know the usual excuse: school school school. BUT Part 18 is out, and I'm already working on Part 19, and I will try my hardest as I always do to get these out much faster
  3. I've missed everybody here and everybody's comments and writing most of all, and I hope that you guys could continue on reading even though you'd probably have to read it all from the beginning again so that you're up to date (I know I did)
  4. And for those of you who checked my profile every day, I thank you, and I'm terribly sorry for keeping everybody waiting. If you have any concerns or questions, just e-mail me! I will always always always e-mail back
  5. So yeah. Go read Part 18 right now, and tell me how it is in the comment box (not this comment box but the one for Part 18)
  6. That's all I really have to say
  7. So thank you for reading this! And if you know anybody that has read my series and were waiting for Part 18 to come out, tell them! I'd really hate for anybody not to know that I'm back :'(
  8. So what are you guys going to be for Halloween?s
  9. I'm going to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland :')
  10. Even though I'm not blonde and look absolutely nothing like her lol. Hm, I don't think you guys even know what I look like. EXCEPT TERESA.
  11. idk if you guys are interested just email me i guess lol

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