Confinement Part 30

Announcements: *insert usual excuse for late part here* Sorry, guys :-( Well, thank you for keeping up with the story; I've already started to right Part 31, and there will be more action coming up soon!

Question of the Day: Why do you feel Rave has such a hard time with showing his true feelings about a certain situation taking place or a certain person?

Created by: Dannica

  1. "Water," Sebastian answered to the flight attendant, as she sauntered her hands to the refreshment cart. "With ice, and a splash of vodka." The flight attendant chuckled under her breath, and continued pouring the water into the little plastic cup. "I'm afraid we don't have vodka on this plane, sir. I should know, of all people, because if there was I would be drunk right now."
  2. Sebastian figured her response was supposed to be interpreted as a type of joke, but he didn't laugh. Instead, he faked a smile, and took the cup of water, so that she would go away. He did not want to cause a scene on the plane. Sebastian checked his breast pocket of his suit once again, to make sure that the tiny capsule of power was still there. Once his fingers felt the outline of the container, he relaxed once more, and checked out his window, where mounds of green scattered the ground, and wisps of cotton lined the sky. The ticking inside his head had stopped abruptly; he didn't know if that was a good or bad thing. A pleasant beep filled the area of the plane. Shuffles of feet on the blue carpet crowded his ears. Sebastian took a sip of water, and placed the cup back down just as Noose appeared by his chair.
  3. "Master," he greeted with a slight bow of his head. Sebastian returned the gesture. "Please enlighten me once more as to why you wanted to take this aircraft filled with these mundanes?" Sebastian adjusted his seat a bit, reclining his chair backwards. "Nothing like a mystery to exercise your mind. And keep your voice low; do you want these humans to think we segregate them?" Noose looked genuinely confused. "But we do." Sebastian gritted his teeth. "Go back to your seat. I have a plan simmering in my head. And it's about to take action as soon as we land at our first stop."
  4. "Where were you earlier this morning?" asked Officer Botello, a tip of a ballpoint pen at the ready to be written down onto paper. I sighed, my arms crossed over my chest. "School." Botello gave me a questioning look"”obviously unsatisfied with my lack of elaboration"”but his calloused hands wrote it down anyways. "Did you have work today?" I shook my head no. "Why have you missed two days of performing at the cafe?" I furrowed my brows at his unwrinkled face. "Two what?"
  5. His lips were in a tight line as he repeated, "Why have you missed two performances at the cafe? I talked to the other performer, Brynn Matthews, and she said that she had to work double-time because of your unannounced absents." A few seconds passed between us until I slapped my forehead involuntarily. "I totally forgot, honest to God. I was just really busy with,uh, school and stuff." Officer Botello's expression was unreadable. "I was told that you had skipped school today with a boy named Web, whom I'm thoroughly aware of, from the past. Did you go to the cafe or see Dots on your way to Downtown?"
  6. I shook my head. "I didn't see Dots at all. I haven't seen her any time recently. And I wouldn't hurt her at all"”she's my friend. If anything you should go look into her past relationships of conflicts with friends and family, not me." Officer Botello looked at me for some good time. Then, he closed his notepad, and pocketed his pen. "It's a good thing you're on on-campus detention, Miss. It will make my job keeping an eye on you easier. Thank you for your time."
  7. I walked back into the hospital feeling like complete and utter sh**. It wasn't the fact that I was under on-campus detention, or the fact that I was a suspect in Dots' disappearance (because I know for damn sure I wasn't involved in anything revolving around her), but more so that all my freedom that I had obtained while I attended James Dawn was gone in an instant flash. It was like life itself had played magician and made me believe that everything was going absolutely perfect, and then decided to kick me in the throat. And not only would I have Reyna and Principle Dapper watching over me like hawks, I also had Officer Botello to worry about. Also, let's not forget the social homicide that occurred earlier today that perhaps caused all of this corruption, and let's not even think about what rumors have sprouted out since I was absent from my classes the whole day. But I guess I had bigger problems to worry about: What will I do for money? What will my parents think? What will my parents do?
  8. I became so consumed in my thoughts that I almost bulldozed over a somebody that was walking towards where I came from. I made contact with the person's arm and murmured a small apology, but whoever it was droned on. I shrugged it off and figured he or she was in a hurry. I made my way back into the waiting room area, just in time to see Officer Botello go inside the ER, probably to interview Web. I took a seat next to Flame, whom didn't notice I had come back until after a few seconds when I made an anxious noise at the back of my throat. When he looked at me his eyes looked red and tired. I appreciated it. He pushed his hand through his hair and said, "Did you get the part?" I faked a smile. "Funny. But no, I got something better." He then reached his hand under the rest that was separating our two chairs and intertwined our hands into a knot. "Like this?" I smiled down into my lap. "I don't know. Maybe we could put this and my lengthy on-campus detention on a balance beam and test it out..." Flame rose his eyebrows. "On-campus detention? So you can't go out anywhere? Not even for Spring Break?" I shrugged, a glum feeling plaguing my already diseased mood. "Guess not. And I'm guessing not the Inauguration Party either." Flame's look changed from concerned to only mildly interested. "Like you would go to the Inauguration Party anyways."
  9. I involuntarily laughed. "True. I don't think I would have wanted to go to a party which held the intent of celebrating the girl who ruined my social life." Flame squeezed my hand. "It's only ruined if you allow it to be. It's just people talking." "Says the boy that everybody admires." Flame scoffed. "First off, I am a man. And second, it seems as if my social status has gone down ever since being invested in you, Green Bean." My stomach flopped, but I wasn't sure if it was in a good way or bad. "And how much are you investing, if I may ask?" Flame laughed almost lazily. "More and more everyday." "That seems promising." "Should be. And for the record, I don't think on-campus detention is that bad; could always keep you company." The smile he gave me sent shivers down my arms. I replied, "Though your company is always a blessing to the common folk like myself, I really doubt that Reyna will let you stay." Flame rose an eyebrow mischievously. "I'm your French tutor, remember?" I opened my mouth to say my response, but was cut short by a familiar voice. And"”although I didn't mean to"”I dropped my hand from Flame's. "Web is ready to go back to the school. Before Principal Dapper and Reyna left they signed the papers. Officer Botello is waiting in his squad car." Rave's eyes fixated at the spot where Flame was holding my hand. They lingered there for a while until moving back to my face.
  10. I stood up awkwardly. "Thanks, Rave. I guess that means I have to go now." Flame stood up when I said that, and I murmured a goodbye into his shoulder, as he ran his hand up and down my back with his embrace. "Thanks for coming." He smirked. "Like the gentleman I am." He twirled his jacket around his body and put it on in one swift motion. "Get some rest when you get back to your room. I'll try and see you tomorrow." I nodded, planning on doing exactly what he said. "Goodnight." His lips molded into a simper, and in a low, raspy, and sexily tired voice, he replied"”with his mouth close to my ear and his breath hot against my skin"”, "Goodnight, green bean," and made his way towards the exit. After the doors closed after him, I glazed my exhausted eyes to Rave, whom was watching me with an amused expression. "What?" He did his breathy laugh. "Nothing." I put my hands on my hips. "What did you and Flame talk about?" He rose an eyebrow with half a smile on. "Don't you have to go?" I have him a hard look, and dug my hands into my pockets, preparing for the cold weather outside. "I'll be seeing you later on." His put his hands up, lazily flanking either side of his head. "If you insist."

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