Confinement Part 31

Announcements: Alright, well guys, here is your moment with Rave like I promised. As you can see I got this out in a reasonable amount of time :-) I am trying everyday to write, so expect more in short amount of time!

Question of the Day: What do you think Officer Botello was doing in the car? Why didn't he leave right away? Was it that big of a deal that he was just waiting there or not?

Created by: Dannica

  1. I felt uncomfortable in the squad car. Web was all bandaged up next to me in all his hospital gear. I tried talking to him"”just about how he was feeling since I didn't get the chance back at the hospital, but he couldn't speak back to me because apparently his cheeks were still numb from the anesthetics that was given to him. Officer Botello tried talking to me at one point during the drive, but my responses were monosyllabic; besides, I had no intent to converse with him in the first place. Instead, I bore my eyes out the window, watching dark green branches blur by infinitely. I noticed that the rain had stopped. I also realized that my shoes were still wet. I wondered where Aspen was now; I wondered what the blanket of darkness Rave had put upon him and his crew had done. The car veered towards the right, almost making me lose my balance. I saw Officer Botello's eyes from the mirror. "Do you have your seat belt on?" I eyed him back. "What would happen? Would you give yourself a ticket?"
  2. He grumbled something under his breath that I didn't catch, and didn't care to. I saw the Town Square in the distance, meaning that we were almost there to the school. "Am I the number one suspect in Dot's investigation?" I asked, solely out of curiosity. Botello kept his eyes on the road. "Not allowed to say." I slunk down in my seat. "So how exactly are you going to keep surveillance on me?" The moon shone dimly through the cluttered puffs of charcoal that dotted the atmosphere above. The windshield started to get wet. "Surprise visits. Just making sure you're following the rules and keeping inside. No cameras are necessary, if that was what you were thinking." He flicked a switch and the windshield wipers swayed back and forth. "At least not yet."
  3. "We have now landed in Seattle, Washington! Thank you for choosing to fly with Double Blue Airlines; we hope to see you again soon!" The perky voice that chimed through the speakers above Sebastian's head did not lift his mood. And neither did the bustled rush of all the humans retrieving their bags from the overhead compartments and hurrying to get out of the plane. Sebastian's ears has been hurting lately. It was as if a cotton swab was drilling into his eardrum trying to get to his brain. At one point during the flight his ears had started leaking out water. But that was gone in a matter of minutes. He checked his pocket once more, for extra precaution of the safety of the capsule, then sunk his head back into his seat, awaiting for the humans to gather off of the vehicle. He could hear a faint and high buzzing, accompanying all the chatter going on around him; the sound was like an opera singer during the final song of a performance, while the crowd put their hands together as the singer went above and beyond range. He could hear Carnation's voice, intervening words with Razor about a little boy whom kept kicking a chair. He could hear Noose and Dig, speaking of the food the flight provided over the course of the trip. Sebastian suddenly then dipped his head forward, a throbbing pain bursting at a spot specifically behind the fold of his right ear, by the jaw area. His fists clenched at his side as the voices got louder, and the zipping and unzipping of bags got louder, and the echoing footsteps of those departing crescendoed into the air and dispersed all together like London hail storms.
  4. Sebastian ground his teeth together inside his mouth to keep from yelping in discomfort, his body slightly rocking back and forth. A baby's shrill cry drowned the remaining oxygen circulating around Sebastian's head, as he started to feel extensively dizzy. The buzzing in his ears got higher"”higher and higher and higher, like a kettle on a stove screaming to be taken care of. Beads of sweat lined Sebastian's forehead like a diamond encrusted watch. He could feel himself slowly falling, like the seat he was in was filled with quicksand. Sebastian grunted under his breath, hoping not many were able to hear him. He buried his face in his hand, and began clawing at his hair once more, still leaning over his knees for support. "Master?" A dreamy voice threaded through his mind. "Master, are you awake?" Sebastian felt hands on his shoulders, and a violent shaking. But Sebastian couldn't care less. He was almost unconscious"”out cold"”like a baby all by its lonesome inside a crib, being sang to by its mother; like a boxer knowing he was going to get hit. It was all coming by so fast, his thoughts meshed together like a blind woman knitting a sweater. "Master..." It all faded. Tick tick tick tick tick.
  5. The school was as dead as a cemetery at midnight. The wind howled as it raced each other through the air and under branches and through bushes in a treacherous obstacle course. The dim yellow lights provided by the lamp-posts of the school cast an eerie glow over the gray pavement which was held down by no steps. The coldness bit down onto my skin as I exited from the squad car. Luckily Web was awake when we arrived, or else Officer Botello and I would have to help him back to his dorm. Crickets chirped in a fast-paced rhythm, while the eyes of owls shone through the black veil of night. Officer Botello escorted us to the front of the school, and then took out a large key, which was probably for the padlock on the gate to get inside. I wondered why Principal Dapper would give him the key to the school for such a small thing like keeping an eye on me. There was a loud click, and the officer pushed the gate, where it opened silently. Web and I walked in, him looking as if he was ready to pass out again. I realized Officer Botello wasn't following, and when i turned around, he already closed the gate, where he was back out. "Both of you get some rest." He diverted his eyes to mine. "I'll come around when I can. And take of your friend; make sure he doesn't get into any more trouble." I saluted him with my pointer and middle finger. "Yes, sir." Botello let out a frosty chuckle, and walked away from the gate, the keys on his key-ring jingling along with his stride.
  6. I watched as he went back into his squad car. I expected him to leave right away, but after a minute or so of staring, he hadn't even started up the engine yet. The leaves of the trees surrounding me rustled like sandpaper against sandpaper. The sight was quite uncanny, and I wondered if he wanted to make sure we went to our rooms before he left. But then again: Why didn't he just take us to our dorms himself, since he had the key anyways? The tinted windows of the squad car were unchanging, and held no hint of movement in the front seat. Then I felt a tug on my sleeve. I looked up at Web, whose face had almost returned back to normal. He made a gesture for us to go, and took a few steps forward before making sure I was following. I kept my eyes focused on the car for just a few more moments, and then tore my gaze away.
  7. I walked Web to Charger Hall first, even when he insisted that he didn't need me to walk him to his room as if we had just gotten back from a date where he acted as the girl and I was the guy. We didn't talk on the way to his dorm, but that was okay, because although I figured he had the ability to talk now, I also knew that we were both exhausted, and I knew that he knew that too, which I was thankful for. As I was walking away from Charger Hall and towards Rex, I had this feeling that Flame was waiting there in his room, sitting on his bed, for Web. Because I knew that they were more than roommates. And I knew that Flame had turned off his lights, so he didn't draw any attention from school advisers. I knew that Web would fall asleep; I knew he didn't want to talk right now. And Flame would let him. Because Flame was tired too. And Web appreciated it, just as I did.
  8. I felt numb. I probably felt numb because of the ice caps forming in my bloodstream as I made my way to Rex, but even if it wasn't as cold as it was tonight, I would probably still feel numb"”in the body, and the mind. I knew it was late. I knew my brain and my thought process wasn't working very accurately. I knew my ears probably weren't as active as they are during the day at this kind of hour, nor my street senses, because I don't remember if I ever heard that car engine roar. But from instinct I knew that everybody in Rex was asleep; everybody on my floor was asleep. But I knew Rave was there. And he was waiting for me, in my room, sitting on the bed. Because I knew that we were more than Purpose and Savior. And I knew that he had turned off the lights, so that he didn't draw any attention from Reyna, or Principal Dapper, or the school advisers. I knew that I would probably fall asleep; I knew that I wasn't in the mood for talking right now. And Rave would understand. Because he was tired too. I knew that. And I appreciated it.
  9. Dead air welcomed me as I stepped foot into the Rex Hall Lobby. Everything was dark, except for a small light coming from the slush machine. I looked towards Reyna's office, making sure that she wasn't around, and then proceeded my way up the stairs, quietly, to my room. I felt as if I was walking through a dream. The stairs felt like mountains; the painted walls was like a canvas of an artist sitting in a terrace in France. My exhaustion weighted every step I took on the tongue of fabric beneath my feet. It was so surreal. My hand touched the cold doorknob, and then reached for my bag. I stopped my hand midway, realizing that I hadn't brought my bag along with me. I put my ear to the door, and then lightly knocked with just the smallest strength of my knuckles. I didn't hear any movement from the other side, so when it opened, I jumped back, startled.
  10. Rave peered at me with bemused eyes, and then gestured me to come inside. I obliged, hearing the soft creak of the door as it shut. I threw myself on the bed, where Comet immediately felt it necessary to sit on my chest. I stroked his coat absentmindedly, trying to string what I was going to say together. When I sat up, I imagined Rave sitting in his usual spot on the couch, but instead he was just standing there, watching me. "Do you want me to tell you what's happened?" I asked, just to break the silence. Rave nodded. I fixed my gaze on his. "Do you want to sit?" I moved over to the side of my bed a little bit; I assumed that if he wanted to sit on the couch he would have done so. I saw Rave hesitate. He sat down. I told him. I promised myself I wouldn't cry this time, because it seems as if with every encounter and meeting I have with him I always end up vying for his comfort as I soak myself in tears. I made sure I didn't add this moment to the scrapbook. Rave listened contently. I wasn't trying to sugar-coat anything, and I wasn't holding anything back, because I knew that he cared"”and not because he had to. I finished my story with Officer Botello and his squad car, which occurred just minutes ago. I waited for Rave to say something. After a minute or so, he stood up, and went over to the kitchen area. I was confused, but I didn't have the energy to question him. He came back with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. I couldn't suppress my smile as he handed it to me. He sat down on the bed again, this time more welcome to the idea. "I think on-campus detention will be good," he finally said. I blew into the mug, causing the chocolate to divide in small waves and rivulets. "Not a surprise." Rave's leg was touching mine. I tried my best not to look so much. He chuckled deeply at my comment. "It's not because I want you to be imprisoned here for the next few months. It's just that...things are becoming more dangerous now. It's better if you're here. Safer. And you don't have to worry about your job. The cafe was closed down because of the case, so you really have no business to be in the Town Square anyways." I took a small sip from the mug. "Well, how can I get money for food then?" Rave put his hand on my knee. "Don't worry. I'll bring you everything you need. I'll be here a lot now anyways. I couldn't imagine having to stay in this room for months with nobody but a cat as company."
  11. I shook my knee from his hold teasingly. "Comet is fantastic company, if I should say. Besides, you can't be here all the time. You might be off somewhere on some secret adventure again." Rave smirked. "I'm not telling you where I went tonight." I put my free hand up, to defend the accusation. "I never said I was trying to find out." The grin on his face put my stomach in knots. "By the way, you're probably not going to be my only company. I have a feeling Flame will try and get it in here. I wouldn't underestimate him." I couldn't figure out the emotion painted on Rave's face. "He likes you a lot." The mood instantly shifted from light to serious. I placed my mug down. "I don't know why." Rave's eyes searched my face. "I do." His hand found mine. He looked so much more tired than everybody else. "When I talked to him in the waiting room while you were talking to your principal he told me that he was trying to become more than friends." The corners of my mouth tinged up. "Are you trying to set me up with him?" "If you want." "And if I don't?" He tilted his head, as if trying to figure something out. "Then I suppose we'll find an alternative."
  12. I laughed. "I really don't believe that your purpose as Savior is to find me a boyfriend." His fingers lingered on mine for a minute more, before pulling his hand away. "I know you're lying anyways. I saw you guys holding hands in the waiting room." I longed for his touch again. "He was trying to reassure me. Why, does it bother you?" His stormy gray eyes poured into me. "Do you want it to?" "Answering my questions with questions is frowned upon in my head." Rave's laugh turned into a yawn. "You should get some sleep." He ruffled his hair with his hand. "I should say the same about you." I shook my head. "I wasn't the one out there in the rain covering unconscious bodies with magic and beating people to the pulp." He let out his breathy laugh, that I wanted to capture up in a seashell like in The Little Mermaid. Before I could stop myself I asked, "Why don't you spend the night here? I mean, you look exhausted; I would think that having to Shimmer to your place would drain the last percentage of your energy." Rave looked like he was caught off guard by my invitation. "Is this you caring about my well being or is this you just wanting me to spend the night?" I shrugged as nonchalantly as I could. "It's just that the bags under your eyes is going to make all your skin fall off." He grinned. "How generous. But I don't think I should. I have some things I have to clarify." I tried to hide my disappointment, and decided not to try and persuade. "Oh, okay." Rave got up with an undefined expression. I got up with him. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" Rave nodded, back to his facade of a Savior. "After your classes I'll stop by." I nodded back. There was nothing to be said, and we both knew that. Rave made a gesture to Shimmer out, but at the last minute I grabbed onto his arm. He stiffened. "Um. Get some sleep, okay?" I think Rave smiled. "Okay." Then I was left grasping air.

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