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  • Rave is so luscious I want to put him in my pocket! I feel like he's getting better but he is so cautious. And I think the only reason why he talks as if he's suggesting that Flame and I should be a thing is because he knows if they're together then it will distract him from not liking me? I don't know ok you make things so difficult -.- QOD: YES I THINK IT'S CREEPY. Okay if he wanted to make sure that web and I went directly to your rooms he really would have escorted us himself but he didn't! So it's either he was doing something in the car or just watching us like what the heck?!?!!' Oh and Sebastian is utterly crazy he has fallen into oblivion and does not know what he is doing omg so much for not making a scene -.-

  • DANNICA ^.^ wow you got this edition out so soon, yay! I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw, but I'm glad it wasn't a mirage or something XD

    Poor Web.. but XD I'm picturing him all puffed up like a chipmunk/hamster from the anesthetic and XD I'm sorry, but I can't help laughing XD

    I'm pretty sure spontaneous water from one's ear isn't normal... but then again, Sebastian isn't normal, what the heck is he carrying, and is IT the cause of Sebastian's weird state? o.O Master? Wait... o.o

    And now creepy school scene ~ *shivers* I feel a really creepy chill down my back reading that o.O Yeah. Why is Officer Botello being so weird? I mean, is he not allowed on campus or something?

    Maybe he really was keeping watch on us 'til we got into the dorms, but couldn't go on campus. Or maybe he's a spy for Sebastian like Dots. Or what if there was someone who got in the car after we left and was waiting to kill the officer or maybe they threatened him or or or XD too many possibilities! Because you're Dannica and anything could happen... meaning it could just mean nothing too :o gosh so confusing

    Awhhh Flame is lovely :3 that's so cute - Web + Flame bromance ^.^ ZOMG PARALLELISM. *squees* they're both so cute. *dies* yes, hot chocolate was exactly what I needed, daslfs RAVE. Hm, does Rave know a lot more than what he's telling me? What did he learn from that world of Penelope's??? Aw Rave :c he's so damn sweet; I'm dying that he's there for me. DYING. The questions - the hesitation - the awkward at the end; That was so good, Dannica. Loved every syllable. Part 32!

  • Okay I believe that officer Botello is seriously up to something, working for someone I don't know ok be us so creepy like why the hell?! Now let's talk about Sebastian oh lord what is wrong with that mad he is going completely bezerk what has he gotten himself into is he okay? Like at least Oath was somewhat emotionally stable but Sebastian is just crazy my goodness!

    Let's talk about rave akannskdks
    He is just so loving and warm OH MY GOD


    Dannica you are such an amazing writer sometimes I forget that you aren't famous!

  • Oh my gosh!! Finally I get to read it. Ok. So there was way too much descriptive stuff in the beginning, so tone down a little. And I'm sorry but that makes Flame sound desperate. I think Rave is hiding something. I think he might like me but doesn't want to admit it. He should though ^-^ We should kiss. Like soon. Or maybe make out. Either one suits my interests. Next parts!! :)

  • *sighs with longing* Rave... I want him, no I NEED HIM! Make it happen or there will be some angry writing!! ...OKay I guess you don't have to but I still want him, he's MINE EVERYONE, MINE!!!

    I think the cop is bad, possibly working with Sebastian. He might be a recon. man or something... Or maybe he was just trying to be nice and make sure they got to their dorms okay. IT'S TOO CONFUSING!! You just have to make another part so we know :)

  • @EPicz

    Description is what makes a story; without it, it would be nonsensical and contain no depth to it. Thanks for the comment, but I'd rather not "tone down a little".

  • RAVE JUST PLZ MAKE A MOVE! flame, are you even trying to protect me? web, get better soon! someone kill brittany and sebastian bc they're making my life horrible...

    QOD: uh, DUH! what in the world are you trying to do (looks at badge) OFFICER BOTELLO? he's just one big creep! >:(

  • You're so amazing Dannica! I want to be in this story so bad! I have blonde hair down to my waist, and I have stunning blue eyes.

  • Oh. My. Wow. No words danni. Just. Wow.


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