Confinement Part 29

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Created by: Dannica
  1. I walked out of the check-up room in a completely bizarre state of mind. As I was walking down the fish-carpeted hallway of the hospital to go to the waiting room, I felt like I was in some odd episode of Twilight Zone. My mind was exploding with unintelligible thoughts about what had just happened back there with Rave. And as I was nearing the reception's desk it got to the point where I didn't know what to think. I don't know why I touched him like that. I don't know why he didn't stop me. Could it all have just been in the moment? I didn't know.
  2. Immediately when I entered the waiting room, I recognized the back of Flame's head. He was sitting down, anxiously flipping through a magazine that he probably hasn't even read one word of. I looked around, secretly hoping that Rave was around so that I didn't have to explain the whole story to Flame. Disappointed coursed through my veins, as I trekked onward. Within touching distance, I tapped Flame on the shoulder, which caused him to flinch. He turned his head around, and when he saw me, jumped up from his seat and circled his way around the chairs. He wore a tired, yet relieved expression on his face, and his dark brown hair was tousled up in a matter of many angles. Then all at once, he put his arms around me, causing my feet to be lifted off the ground. I couldn't help but smile a little. "I'm so sorry, Green Bean," he murmured into my neck. "You shouldn't have gone. I'm sorry."
  3. His words lacked his usual tone of mockery, so I knew that he was being genuinely sincere. He let go, and rubbed the nape of his neck with his hand. "I'm fine. I have not a scratch on me. It's just Web I'm worried about. Have you seen him yet?" Flame nodded. "They let me visit as soon as I came. They say he doesn't have that serious of injuries, but he should refrain from any physical activities." I let out an exhausted sigh. "Was he awake?" Flame nodded again. "And he told me about what happened. I'm so sorry, I knew he was careless and I let you go out with him"”especially in"”" I put a hand on his chest, beckoning him to stop. "Flame. It's not your fault. Really, it isn't. If you want me to be utterly honest, if Aspen and his boys hadn't showed up, it would have been the best nights of my life." Flame bit down on his lower lip. "Are you sure?" I gave him a warm smile, and snuggled back into his embrace. "Positive." "Even better than the night I kissed you? Because if so, I am full of resent."
  4. My laugh was filled with half sarcasm and half pure bliss, as I playfully slapped him on the arm. "I guess there's a time limit for when Mr. Sensitive comes out." Flame smirked. "Nobody likes overly-sensitive men, green bean." I mirrored his face. "Speak for yourself." "Name one guy that ladies love that is an overly-sensitive male." "Adrien Brody." "Exactly. Never heard of him." "You are not a female." "Although I am thankful that that is a true statement, I would like to counteract that"”" "Excuse me. Hate to interrupt, but I believe that your school principle is here." Flame, stopping in mid-sentence, adverted his eyes towards the speaker. And to my disbelief, Rave stood there with Principle Wagger and Reyna, promptly on either side of him.
  5. I gave Rave a look, but he only shrugged. I saw them on my way out from the cafeteria. Stop doing that, it's creepy. I heard a faint laughter in my head that wasn't mine. I glanced up at Rave again, as he took a seat with a simpering expression. Then all of a sudden, Principle Wagger cleared his throat loudly, and stepped forward. "Are you okay?" I nodded, feeling suddenly puny. Suddenly the Principle's surface turned hard, and his eyes switched to rocks. "Reyna and I would like to speak to you alone." I took a pace away from Flame, towards Principle Wagger and Reyna, as a sign of an okay. Reyna's countenance caught my eye, and she looked just as furious as Principle Wagger. Soon, they began walking towards the south of the hospital. And I knew directly, that I was going to be in some major trouble.
  6. Flame's eyes lingered for a moment on the guy with the black hair that had come in with Principle Dapper and the dorm adviser. He remembered Web saying something about a guy that came just in time and scared off Aspen and them. Could that be him? After a few seconds that passed, Flame decided to find out. He took a seat next to the guy with the black hair and asked, "So are you the heroic being that surged through the storm and transformed into Thor while beating Aspen and his cronies into a helpless puddle of blood?" The boy smirked. "How vague of you to put it like that. But yes, I am." The guy held out his hand. "Rave. Nice to meet you."
  7. Flame shook his hand, and then let go after introducing himself as well. It was silent after that, for a few minutes. Flame was still trying to conjure up the best questions to ask, since he didn't want to sound as if he were interrogating. "So how do you know __________?" Rave rose an eyebrow. "What makes you think I wasn't just passing by?" It was Flame's turn to smirk. "Just because I'm pretty doesn't mean I'm dumb. I saw you walk out of the hospital rooms right before she did." Rave picked a lint off his shirt, looking mildly uninterested. "I'm a friend." "Do you go to James Dawn?" "No." "Then how'd you know where she'd be?" "God, you are so much like her"”asking so many questions." Rave paused. "She called me last minute. Said her and her friend Web were in trouble." Flame pondered about what he said. Why didn't she call him? And so much for trying not to sound intimidating. Flame shifted in his seat, while Rave rose another eyebrow. "And who exactly are you? In terms of relations with her?" He had an almost amused expression, as if he knew something Flame didn't. He felt his jaw twitch. "Good friends, as far as I can tell. Aiming for higher expectations." "You sound pretty confident." Flame grinned easily. "You have no idea."
  8. Reyna and Principle Dapper wanted to talk outside. I had sulked out, not wanting to oblige yet also not wanting to get in trouble for questioning authority. I knew they were going to bombard me with questions, and ask about why I skipped school, and what happened, and where the club was, and if it was my idea"”but at this point I didn't care anymore. I knew it was probably past curfew"”not to mention that it was indeed a school day"”but could they really be so strict over this? I mean, for Christ's sake, Web was basically going to get jumped, and I was basically going to be used as a slave! Would they really overlook that?
  9. A loud whooshing noise echoed through my ears, and pulled me out of my thoughts as I started following slowly outside. The duo stood patient on a neatly trimmed patch of grass a few feet away from the entrance. The moon cast down an almost eerie tone over the almost-vacant parking lot, and the storm that had happened before continued down in the form of a sprinkle. I could still hear the baby crying, but I'm not very sure if it was because it still was, or if I needed a fragment of self-actualization within myself. But judging by the looks of the adults' faces, the latter would easily help. "What were you thinking, skipping your classes with another student and then staying out after curfew without a note or any communication with the school?" Apparently, Principle Dapper wasn't big on fluffed up conversations. "I'm so sorry. I was already late to class, and Web had told me about the rumors that"”" I glanced at Reyna ""”somebody had told around the whole school, and I wanted to avoid it."
  10. Reyna and the Principle shared a look. "We know about the story going about you, and we both are very sorry that she got access to that kind of information about you, but our school policy does not allow this type of behavior that puts our students in danger. Yes, we know that the group of boys did attack you guys, but yes, we also know that you and Web had gone to an illegal underground club, and had consumed alcohol. "I"”" "And don't try to say you didn't consume any either, because the police interviewed the workers around the area, and we showed your pictures that are on our school's database system, and a waitress instantly recognized you two." My shoulders sagged. "We were going to be back by curfew. And we weren't putting any other students in danger. We didn't do anything other than consume a little bit of alcohol, which I don't think is fair that you guys should penalize us for, because I'm betting that if you follow the majority of the school's students out when that final bell rings indicating the end of the day, you'll find that they drink way more than we did."
  11. Reyna put her hands on her hips. "Although that is most likely true, you are still underage, and you still got caught." Her face changed from rage to disappointment. "I thought we had an agreement that you would tell me whenever you were going out. I assumed that you were at work, but when I called and they said you weren't there, I was very hurt." I sighed. "I'm sorry, okay? But you guys don't understand the conflict that's going on. You guys don't know how people treated me when I first got to James Dawn, and now that they have this visual of me, how do you think they're going to treat me now?" Principle Dapper's expression softened. "I apologize if you felt patronized by our students. But you should have come and talked to us. We have notified your parents about this. No, you are not suspended, but you will be sentenced to on-campus detention for a month, which I hope is self-explanatory. We're done talking, and once Web is set to go, you two will be transported by the police back to the school, because they seem to want to talk to you." My eyebrows crinkled. "The police? Why?" Principle Dapper had already started walking away, but then he stopped, and turned his head slightly. "It seems that you are a suspect revolving around a disappearance of one of your co-workers."

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