Confinement Part 12

Announcements: I got this out quick, huh? Praise me, my fellow seaponies. lolol jk. Well Question of the Day is in the results as usual, and a new guy is sort of introduced in this part, and then you have some time with Flame at the end!

And if you haven't taken Unforgotten Secrets yet, please do! Sam (Comet) and I really want to see what ya'll are thinking about it so far, and then I'll be working on Part 2 which will probably be out next week? Thank you!

Created by: Dannica
  1. Steering clear of the Barbies (that's what I called them now), I made my way safely into the cafeteria and bought myself a BLT, which Connie"”bless her soul"”gave me a two dollar discount. I matched my sandwich with my smoothie and took a seat at a small table, fit for two. I unwrapped my sandwich and took a bite, chewing slowly and thoughtfully. Megan was definitely threatening me. And she was absolutely up to something. What, like getting bombarded with a slushie wasn't enough? I guess she was thinking it had to be more public. At least, that's what I would have done if I was in her position. Suddenly I saw a flash of blue. I shook out of my head and almost fell back from my chair when I saw Naomi in front of me, a smile shining. "Did you get engaged?" I guessed. She laughed. "No, but I heard that you are investing into a certain person named Flame." I looked down at my sandwich. "I have no idea what you're talking about." She kicked me softly under the table. "I think you know exactly what I'm talking about, Miss What-are-you-talking-about-I'm-not-gawking! Why didn't you tell me about your whole stunt in the Lobby?"
  2. I sipped my smoothie, my hands getting all wet. I wiped them with a napkin, obviously trying to drag my time out so that the bell could ring and we both had to leave. "Because it was just that. A stunt. It's all there was, and that's all it's ever going to be. We're friends." Naomi's face softened. "Do you two have stunt doubles then?" Naomi looked like she couldn't grasp onto her emotions. "I saw you two on the roof." I flicked my eyes to the sky and sighed. "We just talked." "Well it looked pretty romantic." "What were you doing, stalking us?" She smirked. "More like you guys were right across Decker Hall." I looked down at my sandwich, suddenly losing my appetite. "You know I think he's a jerk." Naomi pushed her bangs out of her face. "I also know that he's a hard face to get out of your mind." When I didn't answer she smiled to herself, pleased that she made her point. "And if anything Flame-related happens again, you better come and tell me first, unless you have other friends, which I really doubt because you see, anti-social to me." I gave her a face. "As a matter of fact, I made a friend yesterday after Megan so happened to slushie me after I was...reading the newspaper." My mood dampened. That night I kept telling myself that wasn't my fault. That it wasn't my fault because I didn't know. But Rave could have told me earlier, before it happened. Couldn't he have?
  3. Naomi was reaching over and shaking my arm rapidly. "She slushied you? What is this, a movie? Okay, no, we need to get her back." I slouched in my seat. "There's no reason to sink to her level." Naomi waved a hand. "That's BS. You didn't give her a reason to throw a icy drink at you, and you have a reason to do some revenge and you're not taking it? BS. I'll think of a plan; don't worry." I took a strong gulp of my smoothie. "She had a reason, though. She likes Flame." The blue-haired girl made a disgusted face. "So? So does every other girl here and you don't see them walking around throwing slushies at your face. Here, just leave the dirty work to me, alright?" Hesitant at first, I nodded, and Naomi was on her way.
  4. Fourth period with Mr. Yarbo wasn't fun, either. I mean, he was pretty cool; he let us talk amongst ourselves and work on our worksheets in little groups of three and stuff, and it would have been fun. If only I actually had friends in that class and I didn't look like a loner. I was surrounded my kids chattering about their social lives and about the daily gossip about who liked who and who did what with who, which I wasn't really interested in since I didn't know who it was they were speaking of. I was sitting alone at my table, just trying to do my worksheet while everybody else was vising and talking it up with their friends. It was probably a sad sight. And it got me thinking that maybe Naomi was right. Maybe I was anti-social. But that wasn't fair. How could you blame somebody for being anti-social in a room where everybody knew each other already? It's because you couldn't. "Excuse me, Miss ______?" I looked up from my blank worksheet and found myself looking into the incredibly dark eyes of Mr. Yarbo and the cool white streak in his equally dark hair. "I see you're working alone. Would you like to be assigned a group so you can get to know some people?" He didn't even sound like a teacher. He sounded like one of those guys you would see in a Batman movie.
  5. "Uh, I mean I'm fine with it, but I guess." Mr. Yarbo smiled and then looked over the classroom. "If you're working alone or have a group of two," he yelled over the kids' voices, "please raise your hands." The students looked at each other for a brief second, and then two hands shot up. The first had a group of two. And unfortunately, they were girls. If you haven't noticed, girls don't have a tendency to get along with me. Especially girls who were in Rex. No, no, no. Then I looked at the other hand, whose hand wasn't really raised. More like made an effort to be raised. Actually, he just propped his elbow on the table and put his hand up. Yeah, that was it. The boy was working alone at the back of the class. He seemed isolated from the rest of the kids, and his back was turned to them like he didn't want to interact at all.
  6. "Your choice," Mr. Yarbo said to me. "You can go with Erica and Jade, or you can go with Tallon." I looked from either table. Erica and Jade"”I had no clue which was which"”kept their eyes on me in a condescending way like they were wearing a sign that said Don't pick us or we'll just ignore you. So I just went with Tallon to avoid any unnecessary drama. I made my way there, my feet scuffling against the tiled floor, and took a seat across from him. He didn't even take a glance. "Hi," I managed. Tallon looked up for a millisecond and then shot his eyes back down. "Hi." he was tapping the end of his pencil against the table, staring intently at his worksheet. "Tallon, right?" He nodded, still not looking at me. "Well I'm _____, if you didn't know." No sign that he heard me. Why did I even try making friends? I fidgeted in my seat, very uncomfortable. Was there something wrong?
  7. I looked down at my paper, practically now having no choice but to try and answer the question. Okay, review part first. I got this. Question One, I read in my mind, Electrons are located where in the atom? Crap. I remembered this. I know we learned about this somewhere in middle school or something. Hell, I can't even remember what I was wearing this morning. I looked down at myself. Oh,that's what. "Outside the nucleus." Did Tallon just talk? "Huh?" "Electrons are located outside the nucleus of an atom. They buzz around it." He looked up at me. He had smooth light brown eyes that reminded me of caramel, and it really complimented his beach blonde hair. "Sorry. I kinda saw you were having trouble." he talked quietly, though. He was really shy. I started to write it down. "No need to say sorry. I was having trouble.: I gave him a smile. "Thank you." But he was back to looking at his paper, like I wasn't even there.
  8. Two more periods passed. Boringly, I must say. Fifth period was P.E, which sucked, but I had Naomi in that class with me, and she made it suck a little less. And then sixth period was French II, which I didn't understand because the damn teacher just kept yapping in French, and when she tried talking to me in English I still couldn't understand because her accent was too thick. But Flame was there. Although we didn't talk since we were on the other ends of the classroom, it was still felt nice to have him there. And so here I was, eating lunch with Naomi and Lauren, whom joined us later on. I introduced the two of them, who seemed to have a knack for each other since they were, I thought, kind of one in the same. "Do either of you guys know a Tallon?" The two of them shared a glance with each other. "What about him?" Lauren asked. "Well in chemistry today I was assigned to work with him and he was like, ignoring me. He only talked to me when he gave me the answer to my worksheet. Naomi coughed. Lauren nudged her on the elbow. "Why are you guys doing that?" I asked, getting impatient. Lauren propped her chin up with her hand. "Well, it's not like Tallon's bad or anything. It's just that people say some stuff about him." I narrowed my eyes. "Meaning?" It was Naomi's turn. "They say he's messed up in the mind. They say he's sadistic."
  9. I almost laughed. "Tallon, right? Guys that's so dumb, he's like, the shyest thing ever." Lauren shrugged. "If you say so. It's just people talking." Out of the corner of my eye I saw Flame heading our way. "Speaking of just people talking," Naomi said in a low voice. "I see a new story coming this way." Lauren laughed and kicked my foot. But I already knew. Hey, green bean. That's what he's going to say, just watch. "Hey, green bean." Told you. I looked up at him, the sun beating down on my face but making him look like the golden god of the east. I gave him a small wave. "Wanna come over today after class?"
  10. I heard Naomi and Lauren's muffled laughter of awe and I tried not to grin. "Um, why?" Flame kept his usual smirk on, flexing his jaw in and out with those eyes of his always having a trace of amusement in them. "Mrs. Petra said I needed to help you out in French." I sighed. "Why you?" "I believe the correct response is: Je vous remercie de m'avoir prise sous votre aile, vous sainte dieu, madam." He grinned, and then glanced at Naomi and Lauren, who were bright red. "What did that mean?" I asked, a confused look on my face. "I said, 'thank you for taking me under your wing, holy god'." He laughed at the face I gave him. "So what time should I pick you up at your dorm?" I rolled my eyes. "I'm pretty sure I'm capable of walking." "Yeah, but then I could spend more time with you." I paused, and then remembered that I had a job. "Five o'clock." Flame's grin broadened. "And don't be late." I took another pause. "And are you sure you're able to help me?" He bent down and put his lips to my ear. "I can't guarantee for sure," he said in a hushed tone, making my skin pop up with goosebumps. "But trust me when I say that I can definitely help you with...French." He took his lips away and for a second and we were face to face. He winked, and then stood back upright, leaving, right when the bell rang.

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