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  • Oops o.O that was a really really long comment... I'm sorry I didn't realize, but also... I kinda forgot my QOD spiel >.> sorry for taking up soooo much space, but I promise I'm done after this :P

    QOD: I think Rave is like that by nature - reserved. He wants to assess the situation first and be sure he isn't being presumptous. Plus, he has a strong sense of duty, and tries to keep a professional distance because if he doesn't, chances might be that he might slack on his duty if feelings get involved, and he would never want to hurt *ahem* that person. Probably also, if *ahem* someone doesn't like him like that, and he'd rather drift to the back and stay near them, being their constant best friend, their supporting net, rather than forcing the said person to have to choose between people. Rave is so sweet :')

  • Aw flame holding my hand awww flame my handsome boy i feel so content aw

    Ok if you wanted us to be really pissed off at officer Botello then congratulations Dannica because you achieved it. He is so straight forward which I understand because he is a cop but I mean he just kept nailing us with a bunch of questions when I just got out of the hospital! And I still can't believe rave just put himself out there I always thought he was supposed to be kept like a secret person from the general eye but I guess not he probably used a fake name or something I don't now but awesome job as usual!

  • I hve been waiting for this!! Omg

    Okay so Sebastian has officially gone off the deep end ok first he has these weird ticking noises in his head and now it's just gone? And he obviously has somethig planned after they land, but where exactly is the first stop? AND WHY DID THEY TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?!

    Oh my gosh Flame is so cute wow hold my hand ok just keep doing that how sweet Is that?!

    And rave was freaking adorable too wow even when he's just informing me of things ok rave

    Officer Botello needs to stop tbh how in the world could I be a suspect in dots murder when I have a rock solid alibi?! Ask the bartender!

    Dannica please don't move to wattpad everybody already has and we need you to keep stories going on on this site! :)

  • Andddd I'm a few days late again -.- Ok. So Sebastian is not so important right now, but he is planning something, I'm sure. Flame should like leave. Acting desperate around me will only make me want to stay away from that arrogant dude. It leads to downfall, sweetie! And omg Rave shouldn't be getting jealous. But at the same time, its so sweet!! I want lots of romantic scenes with him later on O_O PRETTY PLEAZE~!! I can't wait so long!!

  • @Dannica I am soooo glad that your still writing!!!! This series is just...AMAZING!!!! Dont ever change and if you decide to leave gtq, then plz join wattpad?! Oh btw i have a wattpad but my series suck, but if u wanna read it my username is the same above :)! If it makes u feel better, I always check gtq everyday just to c if u uploaded :)

  • Alright I'm a new person to your series, but OMFG I LOVE IT! So I think he has a hard time with it because he's not supposed to love her, only protect her. So if he admitts it out loud tht he truely likes her then there is no going back for him. :) (This series just makes me smile)

  • @booklover412

    Yay! Welcome to my series; I'm so glad you like it! :-)

  • I just realized how short this was :/

    Sorry! Next one will be way longer, I promise!

  • QOD:
    Too damaged
    Or don't wunt to get hurt
    *sm ooths out fake mustache*
    Yes very interesting question......

  • @xxblutixx

    The thing I love about your comments the most is the length! :-)) And oh my, thank you so much, but I am most definitely not so big on here :P


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