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  • Dannica Web was so perfect in this part! I agree it captured him MAGNIFICENTLY!! I also really liked the opening paragraphs they were so thoughtful and nice. What I especially loved though was the last paragraph involving Comet; I thought that was super amazing because of the repetitiveness of the words and there's this pattern where it goes: Comet, the room, things in the room. And then when it ended with the man?! That was awesome i am in awe. Personally, I think it is Officer Botello!

    This part was amazing! Web was super, super funny xD

  • omg yes it would make so much sense if it was officer botello! the school wouldn't mind allowing him onto campus because they think it's some check up thing he has to do or whatever omg then what is up with officer botello? he couldn't possibly be working with sebastian?

    speak ing of sebasian, he is kind of freaking me out with his physical fits, because first he's hearing these ticking noises and then water is gushing from his ears and now he's passing out from really high pitched noises is he really willing to go through all of this for...power? Ugh, and I agree with everybody Web wins ALL THE AWARDS IN THIS PART perfect dialogue. these are one of those times where you can really distinguish characters, especially ones that have a lot of the same traits like Web and Flame. c:

  • Ahhh Danicuhhh ^.^ And I just checked yesterday to see if you updated XD

    Ewwy, thunderstorm :c plus, we didn't get nearly enough sleep. All alone! T.T *starts counting raindrops on the window* Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about the parents o.o they must be so worried...

    Oh my goodness o.O what the heck is wrong with Sebastian? Does he have like a ticking slug alien stuck in his throat that causes anger spasms? o.O :o She mentioned Viper o.o I miss that evil chica... hold up, Haste's brother? o.o Will we have to defend him???

    LOL Web XD Ouch. That sucks for free-loving Web... hey, do I count as a valid tutor? XD I mean, I have experience already! WHAT? No, is Jake TRYING to kill Web? Look at those poor puppy dog eyes >;3 "How can they be punished as well" XD Web, ily. Dialogue was perfectly PERFECT Dannica XD

    -.- ignorant idiots... I swear, Brittany, urg!!! I forgot how much I loved the lunch staff here :3

    o.e that guy... sounds creepy... could it possibly be Hef, knowing Sebastian is after him and... wait, then why would he seek out me? ._. there goes that theory XD

    I really liked this part, though... I really like every part you write, but I really really liked this part because I thought the dialogue was great and captured the attitude of the characters perfectly. I also love the comic relief in this part; I love your characters so much, OMG XD

  • Rave cannot be known to everybody else!!! I refuse! What if he was, and then Brittany targeted him then I would seriously have to kill her!! I agree with everybody, next part!!

  • DON'T YOU DARE KILL COMET! I SWEAR I'LL KILL WHOEVER LAYS A FINGER ON THE CAT! >:( QOD: either sebastian or officer botello... i really liked how you got web's personality amazingly! it was really funny!

  • Love love love this!!! I can't get enough of your series. RAVE!!!!!! He is my man, and mine only, no touchy ladies!

  • Perfect part! Now I can't wait until after school so I can see Raveeeeeee :DD

  • @RainingBubbles :O that's a good idea! Officer Botello...

  • Oh mg shicababob!!!!
    Um the creepiness came back again!!


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